Invigorated Water
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Clean, filtered, alkaline water to help you live a Healthier, Happier, Invigorated Life

Clean, purified, filtered water to help you and your loved one’s live a healthy, happy life.

Clean, purified, filtered water to help you and your loved one’s live a healthy, happy life.

Over 625,782 water filters sold in more than 30 countries

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WE DONATE A PORTION OF YOUR PURCHASE, & OUR PROFITS to charity: water, so they can build sustainable water supplies for people who need it most.
Everyone should have access to clean healthy water, but sadly over 600 million people in developing countries live without clean water every day.


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Tiffeny Parker. 2020 USA track and field hopeful and 2022 USA Bobsled Olympic Games hopeful.

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Let us help you live a happy, healthy & Invigorated Life.

Water is essential to life, but much of our water is acidic, dirty, polluted, & dead.

By removing the bad stuff, & adding the good stuff, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle, you can live a truly Invigorated Life.

Remove chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals

Add minerals

Optimized water pH level

Improved hydration, energy, mental clarity

Increased immunity, illness prevention

Boost metabolism, weight management