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Fighting The War Against Acid – How Alkaline Water Can Help Combat Acid

Fighting The War Against Acid – How Alkaline Water Can Help Combat Acid

Our society today, and thereby our bodies, have become increasingly acidic, as the readily available food and beverage options (especially fast food, sodas, coffee, wine, chips and other much used items) are highly acidic and bringing our body’s natural pH level of 7,32 down, causing an acid environment in your body, which again can lead to gut inflammation and the development of diseases like cancer.


It is claimed by recent research that the absolute root cause of cancer is candida, a fungus, candida is often found in the gut. The gut often gets inflamed by our acidic food and beverage choices. And so on it goes, until our body breaks down and in an attempt to repair itself it sends out mutant cells to kill off what it deems inappropriate, but at the same time, it is killing off other parts of your body. In other words, cancer rears its ugly head.


acid vs alkaline

We find so much joy in helping people become aware of how you can easily and in the comfort of your own home aid the elimination of cancer, or prevent it and many other diseases, by starting to drink alkaline water. We have many doctors and physicians send patients our way for this reason, and always recommend you consult your doctor or physician prior to starting to ensure you are safe and doing what is best for you.

At Invigorated Living we believe in finding conscious products for conscious people. What that means is that we don’t provide products without there being an ulterior motive to help improve peoples overall health & wellbeing. Our Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher provides high quality alkaline water, which is perfect for helping combat cancer.


How does it do this? By filtering your tap water through our Alkaline Water Filter, toxins, chemicals and pollutants like chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, heavy metals and more are eliminated, and beneficial trace elements and minerals are added in to your water. Further the pH levels of your water are raised to high alkaline levels, promoting a stronger healthier you. Cancer can not live in a non-acidic environment, and by raising your pH levels, you are eliminating the root cause of cancer.

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