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Cleanse your Liver

5 Ways to Cleanse your Liver

I’m sure many of you have heard about friends & family doing a liver cleanse, and I’m sure you’ve wondered what on earth it is! I know I’ve heard the name, but not really had much knowledge. So I called a friend of mine whom I know has been through it to learn some more.
The main focus on cleansing your liver stems from the desire to flush out toxins from our liver and kidney, and gallstones from the bladder. In today’s world we are being ‘attacked’ by all the environmental pollution elements around us, as well as all the chemicals we find in so-called ‘natural’ skin- and hair care products. If we further add in the amount of harmful substances found in processed foods, alcohol, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, and stress - we have a flood of ‘attacks’ happening on our body at any given time.

In a world where we are bombarded by a large amount of neurotoxins and chemicals in our water supplies, a very welcome effect of the liver cleanse, is the ability to flush out one of the most harmful substances occupying our bodies today, and that is fluoride.
My friend followed a gallbladder and liver cleanse recipe which consisted of an initial 2 days apple juice diet only, then moving on to a mixture including apple juice, epsom salts, extra virgin olive oil and grapefruit, as guided per Wellness Mama’s website. The morning after he experienced about 50 or so small green gallbladder stones being eliminated from the body! Quite the effect and definitely something I think I will be working my way up to.

Other benefits of liver cleansing is how it helps our body be healthier and look better. It helps reduce acne, skin bumps and muscle pains, headaches and fatigues. While undergoing live cleansing or any other detox it is advisable to have lots of water. Ideally, the optimal cleanse will last for 6 weeks, following 6 cleanse days per week, with a 1 day rest.

Here are 5 best ways to cleanse your liver:

1. Tea with herbs and spices

Herbs and spices also provide benefits to our body aside from its powerful aroma and flavour.

 An ideal tea mix for liver cleansing is Milk Thistle tea or Chancapiedra (mix 2 tbsp Chancapiedra with 8 cups of water, simmer on low heat until water volume is reduced in half).

2. Sauna to help cleanse your liver

Do this for 35 minutes every month to detox via your skin. The heat forces the toxins out of your skin in form of sweat.


 The optimal way is to use a Far Infrared Sauna, as it takes much less time to remove the toxins than with a traditional dry sauna, as well as all the other added benefits Far Infrared rays give to your body. Steam saunas are not recommended for detoxing.

3. Distilled Water for Cooking

This kind of water is free from minerals. The liver works better since it filters less unwanted minerals in the body.

4. Organic Produce

Some people freak out when they see the word organic. We know it’s not cheap but they are definitely worth it. Fruits and Vegetables have phytonutrients and nutrients which helps to cleanse the liver. You can either have them fresh and sliced or juiced. A famous juice recipe: 1/2 beet, 4 carrots and 1 apple. A word of caution: you should avoid fructose beverages as these cause fatty livers.

5. Cruciferous Veggies and Salads

Vegetables from the cruciferous group have the ability to detox the liver right away. To help your body bounce back into shape, it is best to have them 3 times a week.

Although liver cleansing is a very healthy activity, whenever making any changes to your body, diet and lifestyle, we strongly suggest seeking professional advice before undergoing liver cleansing, especially if you are taking medications or suffering from an illness.

Until next week - stay healthy - stay invigorated!