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A drink of water 1 hour before bedtime may help avoid a stroke!

A drink of water 1 hour before bedtime may help avoid a stroke!

Do you have headaches, feel stressed, fatigued and worn down? Or perhaps your skin feels dry, lips chapped and joints are achy? Chances are you are dehydrated.
In our busy lifestyles it's easy to grab what is at hand and on the go, some culprits like coffee, tea, sodas, imbalanced diets, smoking, lack of exercise and more can cause an imbalance in our pH levels and create acid build up in our body. This effects our health.
Alkaline Water is a powerful antioxidant that can easily help neutralise and eliminate toxins, help you heal and restore faster, age slower and give you radiant skin, help you lose weight, making you feel energised and invigorated. It also helps remove pesticides and toxins from your food and drink, improving flavour. It's even good for pets and increases the life span of your cut flowers, as well as makes your hair more shiny and manageable after washing it.
Supported by many doctors and nutritionists around the Globe, Alkaline Water is said to detoxify you to such an extent that it helps with allergies, acne, skin issues, clarity focus and concentration, energy, sleep, increase absorption of nutrients and minerals, increase circulation and oxygen levels, prevent diseases and more.
Science has also proven that drinking a glass or two of water before bed, and upon waking in the morning before your shower, can in fact diminish your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before eating helps digestion, and a drinking glass 1 hour before taking a bath can help lower your blood pressure.
We believe this is key info for creating the life we want. To live fully, freely and with invigorated energy, we need good health, it all starts on the inside. Alkalising our lifestyle is pretty easy to do, so I'll be teaching some simple steps on how to implement alkalinity in your everyday life. :)