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Alkaline Water vs Purified Water: What's the Difference

Alkaline Water vs Purified Water: What's the Difference

If you've ever thought about making some changes on a daily basis that would ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle, the issue of water must have been right on top of the list of good habits. That is the exact issue we plan to address here for you - what type of water should you choose? Even more - we will be providing you with a detailed answer to a very intriguing question. Alkaline water vs purified water: What's the difference?

Now, we all stand in firm agreement that drinking water, any type of water at all, is a rock-solid foundation to general good health. Not to mention the benefits that water brings to your metabolism, skin, digestion, blood pressure - the list keeps going. Basically, it's all too simple. If there is a possibility of gaining and expanding on these benefits from drinking a specific type of water - you would want to know all about it, wouldn't you? Sure you would. And we are here to present you with all the facts. Keep reading to find out all there is to know about alkaline vs purified water.

Establishing the Differences

Many people out there, trying to find the best solution to fit their water, health and lifestyle needs, are still struggling with the very basic question - is purified water alkaline?

Let's try and break this down into plain facts, so we have a better understanding of what we are talking about and make it easier on everyone.
Alkaline water is a type of water that has been filtered with a higher pH - ranging between the levels of 8 to 9 on the pH scale of 0 to 14, as opposed to regular tap water that is neutral pH 7. It is believed to neutralize the acidity of the stomach and body, by increasing its pH value - a process which, down the road, is supposed to prevent or minimize the risk of certain diseases and illnesses.

Purified water, on the other hand, is a type of water that has gone through the mechanical process of removing impurities from its composition. Those impurities can be bacteria, fungi, parasites, algae, chemical pollutants and other contaminants. Purified water is certainly beneficial to those with weakened immune systems, as well as those with HIV/AIDS and certain types of cancer.

Now, while alkaline water has added minerals to its composition, the process that purifies the water will actually strip it from fluoride that was there in the first place, which might affect your dental health.

So, as you can clearly see, we are talking about two very different types of water. The differences vary between composition elements, mineral content, the process of creation, health benefits and even taste!

Is One Better Than the Other?

When it comes to important subjects that impact our health and our optimal day-to-day functioning, we would all like a straight, simple answer that would ease the process of making a decision and guarantee the results. You will do well if you exercise for this amount of time per day. Your gut health will thank you if you eat this amount of meat and vegetables. Your sleep quality will improve if you sleep in a room at this temperature. Follow these guidelines, and it will all work out for the best, with no problems ahead.

Sounds great, doesn't it?
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the perfect solution or a universal answer when it comes to your individual needs and preferences. It would be pretty sweet if there was, but we are all different and require different solutions and answers.
So, if you aim to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, that works for you - you also need to put in the hard work and do your own research. The same applies when you are trying to choose what type of water to drink - in order to achieve the best effects and improve your wellbeing.

Alkaline vs purified water - Conclusion

So, the debate of alkaline vs purified water is not a debate at all, when you think about it. Both types of water serve different needs. On a general level, one healthy individual could easily consume either alkaline or purified water and rip the benefits of each.

If we are to go into more specifics, we can say that purified water is better for people with kidney conditions. The reason for this is that the high pH level of alkaline water doesn't match well with this condition, and it can actually cause some damage. Going further in saying some nice things about purified water, we could argue that this type of water bodes well for weak digestive systems. The reason for this is that purified water contains no chlorine, meaning that it would relieve the body's ability to fight its own battles, with no added stress.

On the other side of the coin, alkaline water is also bringing all kinds of goodies to the table. It comes highly recommended for people with very active lifestyles, and it genuinely hits the spot after a tiring workout routine. To bring a bit of science in, various studies show that drinking alkaline water relieves acid reflux, by managing the pepsin enzyme. And, as a finish, it tastes better compared to the flat taste of the purified water.

Hopefully, this has clarified the major concerns in differentiating alkaline vs purified water. But, just in case, keep scrolling down to our FAQs section.


Is Purified Water Considered to Be Alkaline?

A very big NO on this one. There are completely different methods in purifying the two types of water, which both result in a different product. Yes, they are both drinkable, healthy water - each with their own benefits, but they are essentially unlike.

What Is the Best Water to Drink?

Both alkaline and purified water hold their own benefits when it comes to improving your health. There is no such thing as the healthiest water to drink. You couldn't go wrong with either one of them if you find yourself in good general health, but there might be certain benefits to drinking a certain type of water - if you are looking to improve a selected and separated aspect of your health.

What Water Is Better Purified or Distilled?

Again, both purified and distilled water are healthy options for you, depending on your needs. However, distilled water is left without the natural minerals which are crucial for your health at the expense of it being entirely free of impurities. While purified water is more commonly drunk than distilled water, it’s still possible to drink distilled water since it contains absolutely no harmful components.