Amazon and Wildlife Matters

September 05, 2017 0 Comments

Amazon and Wildlife Matters

Do you love animals and get all warm and fuzzy inside when you see a picture or video of cute kittens, a baby giraffe or perhaps the famed staffy with bath hat and rubber duckie? I know I get a big smile spreading all over my face, and I often get a good laugh too. It can make my day.

Animals are such loving caring beings, and once upon a time we actually lived in symbiosis with these majestic, proud, loving and sentient beings. Those days are long gone, and today animals fear man, and often man fears animals. However with weapons of mass destruction, man is known to have slaughtered many a beautiful being, just for the sake of a trophy, medicine and of course food.

Today the free nature and will of animals is broken, and they live encapsulated in cages, in fear and with constant abuse as their everyday life. This is happening all over the world, in some cultures more than others, but a rising outcry to restore animal's right to live freely and with dignity is arising all over the world.

The biggest problem today however lies in what is in our plain sight, a place we were taught was a happy place, a place to bring our children, a place of joy. Where am I talking about? The Zoo. This is a place where animals from all over the world are brought together to form entertainment for us. They most often live in confinements very different to their natural habitats, much too small, and in a very different climate.

Most of the animals are purchased for a small price and taken from their mothers as babies, and never get to know what the word freedom or love means. They are prodded and looked at through bars, and we wonder why they do not eat and often suffer from depression. Wouldn't you under such conditions?

This is however not the case for all places, there are many animal sanctuaries created exactly for the purpose of taking animals in less than ideal conditions out of their confinement, in order to either condition them so they can return to the wild, or so they can live with a smile on their face and peace in their hearts for the remainder of their lives. We read about too many cases of torture and abuse, an unfortunate circumstance often driven by greed, by man's pursuit of making a buck, and as unwitting tourists, what we have led to believe is carried out in harmony with the animals.

If you are in a situation where you can touch or take a selfie with a wild animal, it has most likely been hurt and abused, and possibly drugged, so it dare not retaliate or do anything to receive more pain. It is a very meak and different picture to what zoos and animal entertainment centres themselves say. Please consider this fact and do not support animal entertainment overseas.

Today is Amazon Day, a day to celebrate the vast abundance of more than 2000 different beautiful living beings from this part of the world - from sloths to monkeys, to jaguars to caimans, from pink boto dolphins to giant anteaters - they truly are amazing. Each so unique, so colourful, and many only found in this part of the world. Many of the habitats are being taken away from animals, to make way for man's pursuit of making money. What man is forgetting is that every living being on our beautiful planet, contributes to our ecosystem.

When we remove a part which sustains the life of some of these living beings, we are threatening our own existence. Like the famed ripple effect, even removing a simple butterfly in the Amazon can be felt on the other side of the planet. We have almost made a sport out of making our animals become extinct, as species around the world are vanishing at threatening speed. A cause which may have a dire effect on us all.

Here is a great informative link showing a small sample of the abundance of amazing creatures we are so lucky to share our world with. It's time we treat them with the respect they deserve, and that we want for ourselves.

All beings are created equal, the fact that we look different does not mean that any of us are in any way superior to the others, we are merely different. All unique and special in our own way. Each offering something new and beautiful.

Here's to animals big and small!