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how to cleanse your lungs

7 Tips on How to Cleanse your Lungs

What is something we cannot stop doing, but no one can hold for long? That’s right - Breathing! Breathing is essential to every living being, humans, creatures and plants. School biology classes discuss our respiratory system, but we were never taught the importance of, or how to, cleanse our lungs.

Air is essential to our everyday life, but unfortunately, we cannot choose the air that we breathe. Is it clean? Does it contain 2nd hand smoke? Are there harmful chemical particles floating around? Most likely the answer to all of the above are yes. Regardless of what we do and where we go, there will always be something unhealthy in our air. 

We have built great societies all over the world, yet overlooked the consequences and cost of these great builds, leaving us now heaving for fresh air. A reason many prefer travelling to remote locations where the air is clean, fresh and blue skies rule. 

Getting out and about is not only good for your body, but also your mind. Stress is a serious condition far too many suffer from today, and nature is one of our best remedies. Best of all - it's free to enjoy!

Volatile Organic Compounds, also known as VOC’s, are found all around us, both outside our homes, and inside. VOC’s lurk in our self-care products, cleaning agents, paints, varnishes, floorboards and even printers. Making sure you choose products created with care to release as few fumes as possible, especially for example when painting a house while pregnant, is essential for good health.

Even if your house has walls, helping keep outside VOC's at bay, over time they tend to seep through the cracks and blend together with the internal VOC's, and are ultimately absorbed through breathing. Don't get fooled by keeping a product in the garage or storage room either, VOC's are continuously released whether an item is in use, or in storage. With age, VOC's will dissipate. 

While there are not a lot of studies supporting products to cleanse our lungs, there are natural ways that we can do this. The best natural way to cleanse your home is by using green plants. NASA has made a study of the most effective plants for your home, and a result of the NASA Clean Air Study shows that common houseplants such as Peace Lily and Chrysanthemum have a natural way to remove toxins and neutralize the sick building syndrome effect.

Here are 7 tips on how to cleanse your lungs naturally:

1. Spend time outdoors in nature to help your lungs cleanse

Fresh air expands our lung tissues which makes them work properly. Whether you prefer a walk in the park with plenty of trees and plants, traversing a clifftop with open dramatic landscape in front of you,   climbing a mountain or simply going for a walk on the beach or along a cornfield, getting out is always good for you.

2. Wear air purifying masks

Always check the air quality index in your area. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a face mask every time you are outside, make sure to carry one in your bag to use in case the index reaches a reading of 101 to 500 (orange, red, purple and maroon).

3. Use an air purifier

Getting one for your home is advisable as it improves the quality of air. People with asthma or allergic rhinitis are advised to use air purifier at home or in their office. It helps clean the air and reduce irritants that trigger an attack.

4. Don’t wait for spring! Clean your filters and vents regularly

Air filters and vents will always be nasty and dirty. They are the ones that usually hold on to dust and small particles. Cleaning your screen door and window screens (if you have one) is a must.

5. Goodbye artificial scents, hello organic oils!

It’s time to say goodbye to artificial scents. Remember to every artificial scent, you can always find a similar or more appealing scent in organic oils. Take note that this also applies to your household cleaning products. The chemical mixture of the cleaner plus the fragrance hurts your lungs a lot. Natural cleaning agents like lemon and baking soda, vinegar and coconut oil can do wonders!

6. Breathwork - practice breathing exercises

There are 2 types of breathing: pursed-lip breathing and belly breathing. Breathing properly not only helps our lungs but also our body to relax. Breathing can quickly help you get into a meditative state, helping alleviate built-up blocks, diseases like stress, anxiety, and depression & help you move on. Breathing deeply and focused will also help circulate much-needed O2 into each corner of our being!

7. Drink Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has the ability to help detox your system and wash away toxins that are in your body. When drinking ionized alkaline water it fights the free radicals that damage your bodies cells. To restorerefresh and recharge your entire system inside and out, the simplest way is to drink alkaline water. Invigorated Water offers high quality products that are suitable for home, office, school and travel. To view our collection click here.

Lung cleansing does not prevent you from getting lung damage but it does help reduce the risk. While we do not have the luxury of choosing which air we breathe, we can always choose to take extra precaution and educate ourselves on how to make healthier choices.

These tips are not therapeutic. If you are experiencing difficulty in breathing, coughing or wheezing. Please consult your physician for the best course of action.

Until next week - stay healthy - stay invigorated!