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Can dogs drink alkaline water?

Can dogs drink alkaline water?

In your quest for a healthier lifestyle, you have probably found out what type of food is healthy for you to eat, what kind and how much exercise you need to both look and feel good, and most importantly what type of water to drink. You are fully aware of the benefits of good fat, cardio workouts, and alkaline water. But what about your dog? As a pet owner, you’d have to care about their well-being as well. Have you ever wondered - can dogs drink alkaline water? Between the dog park and their high-quality dog food - you've got the first two fronts covered. But, what about the water your pup so happily gulps after every meal or playtime?

If this question has crossed your mind, you have come to the right place, as we are about to give you the answer and share everything we know on the subject. After all, dogs are family, so this is a highly important read that requires your attention.

In most cases, alkaline water is safe to share with your furry best friend. It is even considered that alkaline water will improve the smell of the dog's poop, as well as increase their energy levels. But, let's take this one step at a time and figure out if and when alkaline water is good water for dogs.

A Short Definition of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is the type of water whose pH level is between 8 and 9 on the pH scale. What the pH level tells you about the water, or any other substance, really - is how acidic or alkaline that substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. The neutral value here is 7, so anything below 7 is considered acidic, whereas anything above is - alkaline.

Dogs and Alkaline Water

Dogs, very similar to humans, need quality food and water in order to function to the best of their ability. They too require nutrients and minerals to stay happy and healthy. And, that is what every pet owner strives for, isn't it?

Dogs have no problem drinking alkaline water, so you can feel safe if you decide to treat your pets with a splash of this delight in their water bowl. Even though there are no scientific studies to support these claims - it is wildly believed by pet owners that alkaline water can actually be beneficial for dogs.

Some of them argue that implementing alkaline water as a part of their pet's everyday routine has helped with some of the smellier problems. For example, there is talk that this high-pH H2O has helped with issues like bad breath, smelly poop, and even resulted in a shinier coat. Others reason that after giving alkaline water to their furry friends - they noticed improvements in their hydration, energy levels, as well as the quality of their bones in a growing puppy. There is also chatter about alkaline water treating joint issues and preventing the loss of mobility, helping with alopecia (hair loss), and treating dog allergies due to the calcium it contains.

However, this one study that we did find in our research on the subject - is alkaline water good for dogs - showed some actual benefits! In short, what this study brought forward in our limited scientific knowledge on the connection between alkaline water and animals is that alkaline ionized water is helpful in the treatment of metabolic acidosis resulting from renal failure in dogs.

It is safe to say that it's next to impossible to find one specific and unified answer until further scientific research is completed. But, while you are waiting on science to catch up -if you are hesitant, you can always consult with your vet before making this change for your dog. They should be able to provide you with some helpful advice, and you should still monitor any behavioral or physical changes over time after making the change.

Tips on When Not to Give Alkaline Water to Dogs

It is always a good idea to be mindful of any potential situations that can be harmful to the health of your doggo. So, in order to prevent an unplanned visit to the vet and put your pup through a very unpleasant ordeal, check out these tips on when not to give alkaline water to dogs.

1. Don't give your dogs alkaline water with their meals

Avoid giving alkaline water to your dog at least one hour before and after its meal. Dogs have strong hydrochloric acid in their stomach to digest meat and even bones, so introducing alkaline water to this combination might result in poor digestion once alkaline water neutralizes the stomach acids.

2. Don't give your dog alkaline water with medication

Since alkaline water helps with the dog's metabolism, it is not recommended to mix it with your dog's medication. What this means is that alkaline water will induce faster digestion, and it will include the medicine in this process. However, medicine needs to be released into the body at a medically prescribed rate, so rushing it simply won't do.

3. Don't give alkaline water to a nursing dog

For a nursing dog, the vets recommend only using purified water. Giving a nursing dog alkaline water might result in a condition known as calciuria (the presence of calcium in their urine) as a result of the higher levels of calcium absorption when nursing.

Final Thoughts

Our dogs are our best friends. They share our home, our bed, our money, our time, and a whole lot of love and joy. It's only natural that we also want to share the very best with them! So, if you are hoping that introducing alkaline water to your pup will result in some extra tail wagging, you might just be right. There is no need to worry yourself with questions like - does alkaline water hurt dogs? Alkaline water will not hurt your dog - it might even prove to be beneficial. Just make sure you follow our tips on when to skip it or simply consult your vet for a full worry-free experience.


Is It OK to Give My Dog Alkaline Water?

Yes, it's perfectly safe to give your dog alkaline water. The minerals from the alkaline water could prove to be beneficial for your dog in more than one way. You can always do some research on your own or consult your vet before making a final decision.

What Does Alkaline Water Do to Dogs?

Alkaline water can help your dog in flushing out the acidic waste that gets accumulated in the stomach. Since dogs are carnivores - they have highly acidic stomachs to help in the digestion of meat and even bones. So, by giving your dog alkaline water, you can support their adequate digestion. Just avoid giving them alkaline water an hour before or after mealtime. In addition to this, there are many other benefits that pet owners who gave alkaline water to their pets claim to be true, such as improving bad breath and smelly poop, shinier coats, better hydration, and more energy.

What pH Water Is Good for Dogs?

The recommended pH value for the drinking water of your dog is the lowest alkaline pH level of 8.5. However, it is not wrong to give your doggo tap water, as it is the most popular choice for pet owners, due to accessibility, cost, and convenience.