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Do you love home cooked meals? Good! Do you love to experiment? Great! The joys of culinary delights, with its wondrous smells, colors, perhaps fancy designs if you have the time and creative energy, can be simply delicious and one of the many pleasures in life. Single ladies take note - remember they do after all say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Do you perhaps also have someone at home who refuses to eat certain types of foods? Kids can often be picky little eaters, often refusing to eat vegetables. And while we love preparing foods for the little darlings, it can get tiresome thinking of ways to trick them into eating what’s on the table.

I know some of you will say, this doesn’t happen in my house because my kids eat everything. We envy you. The reality is, I’m sure many of us have tried to hang in there and stick to our guns, so they’ll give it a try but in the end. But in fear, they’ll actually starve to death, or just in plain frustration when the tantrums never cease, we still give in on chicken nuggets, unhealthy sandwiches, cereals to make sure they are fed and reasonably healthy.

So we have been on a quest of turning vegetables into irresistible foods. Most recently we’ve tried mixing colors with food (but not the gross looking ones!) using natural ingredients. We all know kids love bright colors, with this method you will be hitting two birds with one stone:

1. Serving A Healthy Meal 
2. Creating Something That The Kids Will Love Based On Its Looks.

Below we’d like to share our recipe and choice of vegetables for coloring foods.
To use the following as food coloring you’ll need to turn it into a powder or a juice using a food processor. Of course, since these are natural foods, using a small amount of coloring can still affect the taste of your masterpiece. Be aware of the natural taste of your chosen vegetable when applying it to your recipe.

Red and Pink = Beets, Raspberries, Cranberries, and Pomegranates
Orange = Carrot and Pumpkin puree
Yellow = Turmeric
Green = Spinach, Spirulina and Matcha
Blue = Blueberry or Red Cabbage Juice (mixed with baking soda)
Purple = Purple Sweet Potato, Blueberry, and Blackberry
Brown = Cocoa, Cacao, and Black Tea.
Black = Activated Charcoal

Here are 4 ways to color your life with healthy happy foods:

1. Zucchini Pasta

We can always make fun and creative meals. For example, Zucchini Pasta is becoming popular lately. Instead of adding color to your noodles, you can use actual Zucchini as your pasta. It may sound weird, but a lot of people love it. To easily make this sumptuous veggie ‘pasta’, we recommend investing in a spiralizer. For some raw zucchini may be a bit hard on the stomach, we recommend gently blanching it before serving. This will also soften it.

2. Fried Cauliflower

Another tasty healthy treat is fried cauliflower, which vegans refer to as their fried chicken. Since this dish is fried, kids would most likely welcome this more than plain green vegetables on their plate.

3. Smoothies or Fruit Shakes

If you can't get them to eat fresh fruits, try serving them as smoothies or fruit shakes. But remember, fruits have a high natural sugar content, and 5 serves per day of all types of fruit is the max recommended. As many are naturally very sweet, you will likely find the need for added sugars or sweeteners is not needed.

4. Fresh Fruit to color Cakes & Pastries

The last trick up my sleeves is to use fresh fruits and natural coloring on pastries and cakes. Instead of using candy sprinkles and candy flowers as decoration, we use fresh fruit, nuts, and granola as toppings and they are great! They will gently infuse into the base, and perhaps also add some welcome coloring

Remember you can also easily swap out regular flour for almond meal or other healthier flour, replace sugar with healthy natural sugars like honey, maple syrup or coconut nectar, and replace dairy products with healthier nut milk and vegan butter. There really is very little difference in the taste, but much to gain for your body!

Cooking for picky eaters is always a challenge but it’s not always hard. It’s a matter of creativity and presentation. If you have suggestions or would like to share some of your own recipes for appetizing foods for the picky eaters, please comment down below!

Holi is the Indian Festival of Color and Love, where you throw color powder and water at each other and paint the town - literally! It is held beginning March every year, and color relates to your psyche as aromatherapy does to your senses. It works in depth, it heals, and it restores the playful child in you that really just wants to have fun. Life is serious and we often forget how to play. Letting color into your life helps restore this sense of fun into your everyday life. Blame it on the kids if you have to. Now get going, roll up those sleeves and get amongst it!

Until next week, stay invigorated!