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Earth Week

Earth Week

Every April 22 - Earth Day is celebrated around the globe, spearheaded by Earth Day Network. This year, Earth Week will be observed; a week filled with activities focused on the environment issues that the world faces. The campaign is all about ‘Environmental & Climate Literacy’. The celebration started with a March for Science while the People's Climate Mobilization will be observed on April 29 as a closing event for Earth Week.

In honour of Mother Earth, we would like to share this list and we encourage everyone to participate and be more self conscious about others and our environment when making choices.


REDUCE excessive packaging (especially non-biodegradable) material. Unnecessary use of packaging uses more energy and produces more waste.
REUSE products for their main purpose as long as possible. Do not disregard them just because they are cheap and easily replaceable.
RECYCLE products that cant be re-used for their own purpose. Have you seen the short video where they turned plastic bottles into flower pot or old magazines turned into bags


Aside from item #1, we also encourage you to reduce your carbon footprint by supporting companies that are Eco-friendly (examples are those who use less plastics and Styrofoam). You can also reduce your carbon footprint by using LED light-bulbs, solar panels are also an option.


And yes, we literally mean unplugging some of your appliances. If a gadget or an appliance is not being used but is still plugged, it’s still using energy. Make sure you pull the power cord before you leave your room - it may inconvenient to unplug and plug them every time but you’ll be used to it and you’ll also be saving on your electric bill.


We know that having your own car is convenient but every engine emits nitrogen dioxide which is hazardous to all living things. Why not try walking, cycling, car-pooling?


With the advancement of technology, people of all ages are hooked up to our digital life that we somehow forget that a life outside exist. Reconnect with nature by going for a walk on a park or on the beach, reconnect with people in real life instead of sending private messages, emails and video calls. Being able to interact personally with others gives out a different vibe in the atmosphere that feels much better than the “likes” that we get online.

Invigorated Living promotes a healthy lifestyle. We strive to make all of our products with Eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.