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Up to 11 spoons of sugar with a side of phosphoric acid anyone? That's basically what soda is. Whether it's Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, Sprite, Mountain Dew, so-called healthy tea-based carbonated drinks... they're all sodas... and they all wreak immense havoc in your body. 

Imagine losing 3-6 % mineral density in your bone mass just after drinking soda regularly for 1 week. Or tripling the chance of stroke and dementia. Not to mention teeth and brain rot. Is it worth it? I'd say definitely not. How this ever passed through FDA regulations is beyond me. 

Holding hands with a water hand

Your body consists of 70% water, you literally are water. You need it, without it, you will die. Even a 2% dehydration rate puts you out so you become slower and less prepared to take on all the challenges life puts towards you. 

This, and also due to the high levels of pollution and chemicals that are clogging up our water, are why we do what do. We know how key water is for you to be the very best version of you, it is almost all you are, helping create and balance it back to its natural optimal state of pH 7.35. 

With a micro-clustered structured, ionized and hexagonal water, as well as adding hydrogen to raise our body’s pH, you are giving you the very best chance of success, joy and happiness.

man walking in supermarket

There are many things that are seemingly allowed today, and we humans are raised to listen to authority and follow what we believe is healthy and labelled ok for us by authoritative bodies. Are the products we consume really OK though? 

Today massive efforts are being taken to abolish the use of fluoride in water worldwide, remove harmful chemicals and reduce use of pesticides, herbicides and other harmful agricultural chemicals that find their way into our food and water. The road to remove it all may be long and demands consistent efforts, but we can all do our bit to help ourselves at home through education of what we are actually consuming and its effects on our bodies and minds.

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More and more people are opening their eyes to the fact that what is served us in our supermarkets is indeed not good pure decent food and drink, and that we have in fact been lied to all this time by those we believe are protecting our interests. 

There can be many thoughts around conspiracy theories, however, what is actually important is not how we got here, but how we can get out of it. What you focus on expands. Pointing fingers, getting angry and trying to fight battles against giants you won’t win, is quite frankly, fruitless. It will do you more harm than good. 

Instead, educating yourself and making sure you provide good choices for yourself and your family is key to creating the life and energy space you want. We know now that many foods are not what they say, and it’s old news that substances like canola oil, GMO and msg are very bad for you, and we have learned to avoid and screen our purchases when in store.

flowers on the wall

There are many ways to educate yourself today, and naturally, online searching is one of them. Through articles, videos and blogs you can follow, watch and read how to set up your own hydroponic or vertical gardening system, even in a small urban space. You can grow sprouts in a small pan inside, and hang fresh herbs on your wall in a vertical garden pocket. Check out our range of vertical gardens on Amazon - a great stocking filler! 

For those looking for more advanced sciences, there are many areas to explore, like nootropics, which are supplements meant to advance the brain functionality, like super boost your mental alertness, cognition, memory, focus, creativity, and mood. 
Alternatively, you can look to ancient basics like the power of meditation, which most of us today know can have an extremely beneficial impact on our mind and body, helping increase happiness, improve sleep, focus and alertness, enhance relationships, reduce stress levels and give greater contentment with life and the present moment. 

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