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It’s that time of year, some of us get really bothered with colds and flu, it’s sniffles all around. Often spread out to the entire family as the bacteria breeds so well.

All you want to do is snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and sleep. A good time to rest up and perhaps catch up on some of those missed tv episodes or read a book?

I used to expect feeling crappy, I knew it would come round like clockwork at a certain time of year. Now I never get sick, and I can’t remember when I last had a cold or the flu.

What is the secret? Good clean healthy food. Literally, food is my medicine. That and alkaline water of course :) Check out our selection of alkaline water products here.

It took me a while, but realising what I was actually was putting into my body - through food, water, hair & skin products, as well as unwittingly though environmental concerns like air pollution - was actually why I kept getting sick. It was a big shock for me.

We’re all used to going to the doctor, taking cold & flu tablets, pushing through, especially if you’re in a job that demands your presence. Taking time off can be really hard, but it is even harder on your body.

Pushing yourself stresses your body big time, and according to Suzy Cohen, RPh, our body releases cortisol when we are stressed. This heightens the risk factor for getting sick.

With heightened cortisol, our immune system is lowered, and with so much bacteria flying around and many around you sick, you are much more susceptive to becoming ill yourself.

An easy clean remedy that is as old as time itself and that really works when made correctly, is tea. A beautifully made cuppa can relieve a throbbing head, and really flush and soothe those blocked and irritated sinuses.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way to make a cup of tea, it really does come down to your personal preference in taste. Listening to your body and what it is asking for - in other words quietening down your mind and listening to your intuition - is always key to finding the right solution for you.

Intuition can show itself in form of something that suddenly pops into your mind. Some may say it is a coincidence but is it? Perhaps it is your inner knowing helping you find the right cure.

I love using Essential Oils, both in my tea, direct on my body and in skin/haircare products, for cleaning in the house, and of course just to sniff in the divine scents they give out when in a diffuser!

What are essential oils? Essential oils are concentrated extracts that have been distilled from aromatic plants, trees, herbs, and various types of grass. The extracted oil is located in the leaves, bark & stems, roots, fruits, & flowers. When you walk past a flower or tree with a specific aroma, it is thanks to the essential oils inside them.

What is key is to remember when using essential oils, is to use pure premium organic or therapeutic grade oils. Any lesser quality and the effect is little to none.

Lesser quality essential oils, not quoting organic or therapeutic grade status is the type that is often used in fragrance products, they are not very potent, and often should not be ingested.

Please check your product of choice thoroughly before use. Organic essential oils are the very best, therapeutic grade really is just a set term used in the industry.

Why does tea work? When we are sick, the human immune system really kicks into overdrive in its quest to protect you. It will look for new ways to help you heal, and by using all natural ingredients like essential oils, you are giving your body the best of two worlds, hot liquid to help keep your body warm, and healing oils which carry plant wisdom in them.

The very best oils for tea are lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Introducing additional oils like wild orange or ginger will add a nice citrusy twist and spice. If you are using a good organic essential oil, you will literally only need a couple of drops. It’s potent stuff. Start small, then you can increase as your taste buds see fit.

Tea is mainly made using water as a base, but there are many new exciting varieties that include milk. Of course, we recommend you use non-dairy milk, not just due to lactose intolerance, but because dairy contains vast amounts of pus, antibiotics, and chemicals, which may make you even sicker.

Many vows by milk helping coat their throat, which can be a welcome relief if you have been coughing all day, but it can also stimulate and increase your mucus accumulation. If you are using milk, remember to heat the liquid prior to adding the essential oils.


Here’s a recipe for you that is bound to knock the socks off your cold or flu and have you back to bouncing in no time.

Again we recommend you always use Organic Essential Oils where possible, and if this is not available, then the next grade down is Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Always check before consuming any essential oils, that they indeed are ingestible. The last thing you want is to get even sicker!


5 drops Lemon Essential Oil
2 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil
Hot Water or Milk (non-dairy milk recommended)

Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils are a team powerhouse when it comes to helping clear out your sinuses. If you find the odour too strong, use 1 drop less eucalyptus oil and instead increase an extra drop peppermint oil. This is often a great combo if you are particularly stuffy.

Drink the tea while it’s hot, and feel free to have more than one cup. Everything in the tea is natural and beneficial to your body, so there’s no overdoing it.


Add cayenne pepper to really kickstart your body. Cayenne pepper is known to stimulate your metabolism and digestion, but also helps enhance awareness and works well with eucalyptus and peppermint to clear your sinuses.

Add extra peppermint oil instead of using the other essential oils. Peppermint is known to give you a tingling sensation, and you will notice an immediate opening of the sinuses. Often just smelling the peppermint oil tea can help.

This post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. Please exercise good judgment and see a trained healthcare provider when needed.