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Free-Flowing Happiness part 2

Free-Flowing Happiness part 2

 Last week, we shared how one can achieve happiness and as promised, we’re back with “brain hacks” from mind science and psychology that puts us in a constant state of happiness. While our mind operates differently, there is no harm in trying these 7 hacks for a good day.

 • Say thank you! •

The power of gratitude is strong and life-changing. Studies show that expressing gratitude increase happiness and fulfillment. Dr. Robert A. Emmons conducted a study where he concluded that people who wrote down things that they are thankful for are 25% happier. Saying thank you or showing gratitude can also relieve stress, it also has a positive effect on the other person.
A great idea is to write down the things that you are grateful for in a journal so you can read it whenever you feel less positive about life. Another fun idea is to create your happiness jar, write things that you are thankful for on a piece of paper and when you’re feeling down, you can pick a paper from the jar to remind you why life is better.

• Move it! •
A book by Shawn Anchor called The Happiness Advantage shared an experiment that used exercise, medication and mixed of both to help three groups suffering from depression. After 6 months, more than 30% of the group that used medication and medication and exercise slipped back to depression but the exercise group continued their routine and ended up with a 9% relapse. Exercising, in general, is good. It stimulates our brain’s happy juices (endorphins and proteins).
Exercising comes in different forms and our bodies are different. Find an activity that doesn’t bore you and something that doesn’t push your body to its limit. If you feel stuck, find an exercise buddy to make exercising more enjoyable.

• Sleep is key •
Quality of sleep is equals to quality of life. Resting is different from sleeping. Sometimes, even as we rest, our brain is working as we get trap in deep thoughts. Sleeping on the other hand gives our brain the chance to relax which allows the rest of the body to readjust and our organs to function at their best. Having a well-rested body and energized brain prevents us to become more sensitive to negative emotions shutting out the positive emotions.
Make sure to get enough sleep as recommended by the Sleep Foundation. Think positive and light thoughts before going to bed. Avoid checking social media as it’s content can greatly affect your mindset.

• Build bridges, not walls •
Connecting with people that we care about produces a positive emotion. We get the sense of assurance that we are not alone and that we have a support system in case we fail. We often hear the elderly sharing that one of the most things they regret is not staying in touch with family and friends. We often think that others are busy and that we are helping them by not disturbing their busy life.
When was the last time you had a proper meal with another person without being distracted? Getting together with family and people that you care for is crucial for a healthy living. Meeting up for coffee/tea dates or lunch and dinner with family and friends is something most people look forward to.

• Meditate •
Meditation is practiced by focusing your mind to achieve a clear and emotionally calm state. It helps the mind to reduce stress by letting free-flowing energy overtake our stress-induced thoughts. When we meditate, our mind and body are more relaxed and positive all throughout the day.
Meditation doesn't require a lot of time. You can do it at least 5 minutes when you wake up for a clear mind all throughout the day and at least 5 minutes before you go bed for a clear mind when you go to sleep.

 • Boost your serotonin •
Serotonin is the chemical that sends a signal from one part of your brain to the other. If our brain lacks this chemical, it prohibits our brain from being positive and causes havoc in our mental state.
Boosting our serotonin is easier than we can imagine. We can take foods rich in vitamin B6, B12, and amino acid. You can also boost it by adding high-protein grains to your diet. A little vitamin D from the sun also helps but take note that sunlight is not healthy when it is at its peak as it can damage your skin and cause dehydration. Lastly, you can get a massage or meditate!

• Drink, drink, drink •
Did you know that you are crankier if you are thirsty than you are hungry. Most of the time, we take signs of thirst for hunger. We keep stuffing ourselves with food when all it needs is water. Keeping ourselves properly hydrated is crucial as we cannot function properly if we are dehydrated and it makes us irritable.
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We all cope differently. These suggestions are not set as a guideline but more of a suggestion. We hope that you find something that keeps you constantly happy. Do you have a tip for being happy?
Sending you all positive happy vibes - until next week - stay invigorated!