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Hangover Recovery

Hangover Recovery Essentials

Remember the day after Christmas when you wake up from that hang-over and you feel your head is floating but at the same time your body feels so heavy?

Our go-to cure is always a cold shower and warm soup. But lo and behold, essential oils can also help you get past that hangover stage. Hooray!!!! As mentioned in our previous article, essential oils can be inhaled, applied topically or ingest so no more excuses!

If you find yourself in the aftermath of a mighty happy hour, you can try lemon, wild orange and peppermint essential oil for a quick relief. Here’s a recipe for you to try out.


◘ 10-12 oz cool water
◘ 3 drops Wild Orange
◘ 3 drops Lemon
◘ 3 drops Peppermint
    Easy as:
    ◘ Drop essential oils into glass
    ◘ Add water to distribute oil evenly
    ◘ Sip the blend, make sure to drink everything within 30 to 45 minutes followed by fresh, cool (preferably alkaline) water to help with the detox.
      Remember: Use glass or stainless steel mugs when mixing beverages with essential oil. In case you’re drunk and hungover, you likely won’t remember, we advise you prepare the ingredients the night before in your countertop (except the cold water of course!) so that you are ready to mix the next day.

      If you’re not a fan of wild orange, you can change it into Frankincense for 


      ◘ 1 Drop Frankincense
      ◘ 1 Drop Peppermint
      ◘ 1 Drop Lemon
      ◘ 2 oz Alkaline Water
        Then, Mix it all together, and bottoms up!

        Of course, on the morning after you're happy hour, we bet that you’re not just feeling woozy but you’re also smelling like that distant uncle who disguises his liquor in a different bottle (as if we all don't know what’s in them). Don’t despair, we’ve got you! Try this soothing Detox Bath, a perfect combo after taking the essential oil shots!

        ◘ 1 Cup Baking Soda
        ◘ 1 Cup Epsom Salt
        ◘ 3-5 drops Lemon Essential Oil
        ◘ 3-5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
          Fill up the tub, dump them in and soak!

          Again, we strongly advise that you use pure and organic essential oils for a more effective cure. If you’re using processed essential oils, please make sure that they are suitable to mix with other oils and most especially if they are safe to be ingested.

          We don’t want to add stomach ache on top of that hangover! While this is a festive season, we would like to send a friendly reminder to drink moderately! As well as stay hydrated. Check out our latest products here.

          This article is purely for reference only and is not suitable for medical practice. Please always consult your physician for assistance and additional information about essential oils.

          From your Invigorated Water family, we wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season with lots of fun, laughter and hopefully not a sore head!