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Are we meant to be happy all the time? Is happiness an everlasting state?

Often happiness can be mistaken for a physical state, thinking we will be happy when we have achieved the next step in our career, the new car, got married, new house, have children etc. It is however proven that happiness can greatly vary based on a person's state of mind, regardless if they have the same physical state. This shows happiness is not a physical state, but a mental state - a state of mind.
I believe internally as a core state yes we can be, but in daily life, that is a much larger & harder request. We have been given the luxury of knowing both sides of everything in duality, good & bad, happy & sad, pain & pleasure, etc. This is in order to fully understand the meaning of the different emotional states and learn through appreciation for the good times when times get tough. Without the comparison we would never learn, grow and develop.
If something bad happens, it is ok to grieve, the question lies only in how long you allow yourself to remain in that state. It is a choice. Your thoughts, the power of your language, and actions determine your mental state, and therefore ultimately your happiness.
What is your view on happiness?
Finding happiness and not worrying about life is often the hardest thing there is, aren't we always searching for something more, the "grass is always greener on the other side" and all that?
What if we already had it all, what if we could see it, feel it, touch it, taste it and interact with going inwards and drowning out all the non-stop noise we have around us.
I was no different to anyone and was always trying to "be someone", trying to impress someone, achieve the same as someone, dress like someone, and although I was happy and had a good life, I wasn't outrageously deliriously happy. And I believe everyone should be just that.
My quiet spot is nature, silence, focussing inwards, feeling who I really am and assessing my emotions, learning from them, using them to grow and move forward. I welcome anything that arises and channel the emotions to push me out of my comfort zone. My happy spot is in nature, but it is also when I am dancing!
I love to dance, to feel the rhythm and get lost in it. To spin around, to feel a joy of achieving the choreography, to laugh, to sing. It makes me forget whatever is going on and just feel free and happy. Sharing this feeling with someone is what makes me truly happy. Connection.
However you may be feeling, I find dancing has a way of swirling all the bad stuff away replacing it with joy, giggles and a surge of energy and zest for life.
Dancing requires me to get out of my comfort zone though. I'm naturally not an attention seeking person. Happiness is however never achieved in a corner hiding away. Happiness happens when ideas and feelings are shared, acknowledged and appreciated. Sitting alone, whether you're totally happy, or if you are held down by feelings of worry or fear, will never breed joyous emotions and a sense of freedom.
What is your ultimate dream? How do you want people to view you? What do you want to achieve? And how do you want to feel? This is where your happiness truly lies. Sometimes it's not how others view you, its how you view yourself that matters most.
Where is your "quiet" spot? What do you do to tune in to yourself?
I believe happiness is a choice we can make in advance. We can choose how we are going to react to something before it has happened. We can choose to grumble over what is not working, or focus on what is working and be grateful for that.
Until next week - stay healthy - stay invigorated!