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The Super Moon is on the night skies, large and luminous and beautiful, it has been 68 years since last time, and it will be another 18 years until next time. So you better wrap up and go outside for a good look while it’s still here. A full moon is a time to reap results and make decisions from the past 2 weeks. As with the illumination of the moon, certain things may have come into light, and now require a decision to keep it or let go. The moon is now the closest it has been to Earth in these 68 years, making it a whopping 25% bigger in size and 30% brighter, I am sure many of you will be able to catch some amazing photos. If you have a point of reference in the picture it will be all the more easier to see.


A Super Moon, or Full Moon in general, can often bring with it an array of emotions and effects, for oceans and people alike. We humans are after all made of more than 70% water, it would be odd if one water element was influenced and not the either, don’t you think? The theory is that our water bodies are gravitationally affected by the moon’s movements, much like the ocean tides. This movement of our internal fluids can tip the balance in our minds, which is what is claimed to trigger the often extreme emotions.


We live in a time of constant change, and there sure has been quite a few big surprises recently. The last month’s global political events, terrifying international conflicts or perhaps something happening right in your own home, has probably brought up a whole range of emotions in you. It is important to check in, and see how you are really doing, and if you are off track, what is needed to help you get back to feeling amazing.


In trying times we often have the tendency to overthink, feel worried and get stressed, and we often really feel how the havoc and stress is taking its toll on our body. The key to feeling happy and balanced lies in constantly checking in with yourself, being present and mindful, it is inside of us it is all happening, and releasing any negatively loaded emotions is where its at.


Like with anything new, we have to learn how to reach this inner key. The best way to get yourself straight is to do do a reset of your entire being with a body, mind & soul cleanse. Getting rid of all the toxic, external stuff that gets stuck within can help create a new shining radiant inner healing light and literally change your world.


Here are some great ways to cleanse your body, mind & soul:

  • Drink a cup of hot lemon water first thing in the morning while you set your intentions and visualise your day. Remember to use alkaline water to help naturally detoxify. This will help flush out toxins in your body and boost your metabolism. Other great ways to cleanse first thing are by mixing a tsp each of baking soda and ACV with water. Adding a tsp other elements like cinnamon, cayenne pepper, fresh garlic, turmeric and coconut oil are all beneficial in their own way, which ones you choose, if any, all comes down to personal preference and which ones ‘speak’ to you.

  • Meditation in the morning is the perfect time to gather your energy and focus it on what you want to achieve for the day. You will be surprised how much you can achieve by having a clear goal and directing your energy towards this. By ‘tuning into’ yourself, you make sure you are on the right track with what you truly want and create the perfect setting for your day before you launch into your daily routine. This does not need to take more than 5-10 minutes.

  • Make sure you are properly grounded before you launch into your day, this will make sure you are connected with your inner self and feel calm, it may also improve your sleep and reduce pain. Grounding is especially important if you have slept poorly or wake up restless or anxious. Great ways to ground yourself can be to go for a walk preferably in nature, if you have the opportunity to go barefoot in sand, grass, on a dirt road or in the water, this is the very best - this is known as ‘earthing’ - you are directly connected with Mother Earth. Through negative ions in the Earth, any unwanted tension or energy will be drawn out of you, which is why you often feel better after doing one of these activities. Several cafèes now offer grounding trays to put your feet on while you sit back and relax with a coffee of some food.

  • Be mindful throughout your day while you work and eat. With this I mean learning to pay attention, to be present, instead of eating mindlessly and almost unconsciously putting food into your mouth. This kind of eating often stems from emotional issues that we drag with us and have built up over time. This can for example have its outlet in eating to socialize, to relieve stress, to make yourself feel better, to satisfy cravings, regardless, most often we do not really taste the food we’re eating, we are filing a need. This is where paying attention comes in, you start noticing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations related to food, textures and flavors, how it makes you feel during and after eating, and you start to uncover the emotions that are triggering your bad habits. This is the key to change. It does not happen overnight, but this realisation is the beginning. Some use mindful eating as a form of meditation, chewing slowly, really feeling the food. But mainly the reasons why most like this practice is because it helps them grow and develop, let go of old baggage and enjoy the eating experience more, which will often result in enjoying life more. Many finally manage through releasing emotional baggage to start losing weight that they have held onto for protection, you learn that unhealthy food isn’t as tasty or make you feel that great, and you start enjoying foods that really fuel your mood and energy and make you feel and look great!

  • Always put yourself in others shoes when approaching a situation. Would I want someone to do or say that to me? Have they had a bad day or have they just experienced something horrible happen to someone they love? Approach all situations and encounters from a place of compassion. Compassion means holding off judging others or situations, and appreciating that same situation from their point of view. To be compassionate means to genuinely be concerned with the welfare and needs of another, to put your own feelings aside, and think and feel it as if from the others perspective.

  • Crying releases toxins and built up emotions. There is no such thing as crying being just for girls, we are all built the same way, we all need to release pent up emotions, reactions, anger, sorrow, joy, surprise, regret, or whatever the emotion . . . it all accumulates and needs to come out somewhere some time. Have a good, long cry and feel how much lighter you feel. Suddenly the world isn’t as grey and gloomy anymore and you will have found a new spring in your step and have boosted your mood.

  • Deep Breathing is an ancient art to promote wellness, it is after all the life force within us, without it we would not exist. We find modern day practices most commonly used in yoga or tai chi. Most people have bad breathing habits and take shallow breaths not utilising the lung capacity and creating a circular flow. It is vital for healthy organs that oxygen is distributed evenly and continuously to every little nook and cranny. You may have heard of people taking up yoga and miraculously healing some ailment, often this is related to the breathing component, as it forces the student to focus on breathing for a solid hour, filling your body with new replenished air. This kind of deep breathing has the ability to dissolve and release blocked energies in the body & mind, allowing for a healthier overall well being of the body and mind. The famous Nadi Shodhana alternate nostril breathing is the most common technique that will help calm the mind and bring on an overall happy state of being. If you have been holding a lot of tension or stress, this is an excellent practice to help release this.

  • Love yourself enough to treat yourself - in a spa or at home - to a sumptuous massage with your favorite oil. If you’re in the mood and have time why not follow up with a warm epsom salt bath with candles, some of your favourite music playing in the background, some incense or aroma oil burning and helping you drift into a peaceful and ecstatic state. Finish off with wrapping up in a fluffy robe and a nice cup of herbal tea. Don’t forget to fill up on your alkaline water after a hot bath, especially if you’re adding detoxifying epsom salts, as you dehydrate quite quickly.

  • Start every day with Gratitude - especially towards yourself. We are taught to believe we should not be too self-loving, that is however counter productive as loving yourself is the key to true happiness, without it you will always be searching. Numero Uno will always come first, but it is of course of utmost importance to be loving and kind not merely to yourself but also to others. Try it and watch it being returned ten-fold. It’s like a karmic boomerang, smile at someone and you will send them off on a good happy note and they will smile at others, who will again smile at others and so on, until it comes back to you. If you send off an angry, grumpy upset vibe into the world by snapping at someone, it will send them off on a bad note, they are more likely to snap or reply more sternly than necessary to others, and so on, until it comes back to you. The more love we send out into the world - the more we will receive in return and the better place the world will be.

  • The old adage ‘Laughter prolongs your life’ really has truth to it. When you are angry or stressed, your blood pressure goes up and stress can lead to many other physical problems. Laughing will protect your heart by improving the function and flow of your blood through the vessels, which can help save you from a heart attack or cardiovascular problems. So laughing things off instead of blowing up, can indeed prolong your life. Spending your time with people you love, laughing, being silly and not for one second thinking about how you are perceived or look or what the other is thinking is a true youth elixir. You light up from inside when you let go and allow yourself to freely be exactly as beautiful as you uniquely are. We are all different in our own unique way, that is the exotic attraction and mind boggling reality that not one single person of the more than 7,460.000.000 billion people on this planet are the same. The healing powers of laughter are used in many medical purposes, often perceived to keep illnesses like cancer at bay. Try it today and see how you feel!


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