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Alkaline Water Filters

How Can Alkaline Water Filters Help?

There is no hiding the fact that It is essential to purify your drinking water. Today’s society is full of info from many sources, about what is actually in your tap water, and which consequences it may have for your health. Now many may think ‘I’ve always drunk that same tap water and I am just fine.’ And rightfully so, you may have a strong disposition and a body that has high detoxifying skills, along with eating a healthy diet and active lifestyle. It does not come down to water alone, but as our bodies are made up of over 70% water, it is a very large part of the big picture. So let's look into how can alkaline water filters help?

There are many types of water filters on the market, and many claims around them all. Unfortunately many claims are unsubstantiated, and being on our side of the table, we do see what goes on behind the scenes, and not all claims are validated and true. Choose wisely.
Alkaline water filters consist of a multistage filter which has the capacity to reduce and remove: fluoride, chlorine and chlorinated compounds, prescription drugs, limescale, lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, aluminium, bacteria, virus, pathogens, pesticides, herbicides and more. Most small water filters suited water pitchers, have a specialised focus, meaning very few can do it all, instead companies have focussed on treating specialised areas, so customers can choose what is most relevant for them.
 Invigorated Water is currently working on a new recipe that aims to do it all - as far as possible. R&D takes some time, but we know that if we can believe it, it is possible, we just need to keep trying to aim for the stars. Our goal is to have 2 core types of filters later this year - an improved alkaline water filter and a purifying filter. We are further focusing on increasing the removal ability of harmful and damaging substances like heavy metals and fluoride, as we have over the past year unfortunately seen a steady rise in the decline of our water sources. Fluoride has been one of the areas of biggest concern, as well as lead and arsenic, especially following the crisis in Flint, USA.
A few good every day tips to help remove chemicals and toxins from your life are:

 Do not use fluoride toothpaste or only use it sparingly. Some studies have shown that when not used at all it can cause sensitive teeth while your body adjusts to not having the toothpaste. We recommend consulting your local dentist if this happens to get a professional opinion.

 Do not use deodorants with aluminium

 Avoid processed foods

 Avoid foods with preservatives and food colorings

 Buy organic as much as possible

 Supplement with magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. This helps bind free fluoride ions and excrete them from your body more effectively.

 Avoid using Teflon or aluminium pots, pans & utensils

 Do not cook with aluminium foil

 Avoiding these things can reduce your unintentional chemical and toxin absorption. It is always important to take care of your body not just on the outside but also on the inside.