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How someone's energy can affect you

How someone's energy can affect you

It's amazing how someone's energy can affect you and bring you out of whack, cause a headache or also elevate you and make you laugh so your belly hurts! Have you ever been in a situation where someone you haven't been around for a while pops up, and instantly you have a tension like headache and a feeling of unease come over you?

Most of the time we are unaware of this happening, and only through conscious reflection and attention, do we often realise that we are caught up in someone else’s energies - being literally drained by their presence and demand for our attention - often aptly nicknamed Energy vampires. They are everywhere.
Most of the time we unfortunately get caught up in other people’s agendas without realising, and it's easy to then develop aches and pains as a result. Let me get one thing straight, if you feel tired, drained or exhausted after being around someone - you are being sucked dry by an energy vampire, plain and simple. If people tell you what to do, they're speaking from their own rules, not yours. Set your own boundaries and stick to them.

How to deal with it energy drain
First step is to be aware of what is going on and take a step back to acknowledge the situation.
Whilst in the midst of it, however uncomfortable it may be, sit back and observe the situation and notice what you're experiencing, how it makes you feel.
Then take a moment to show gratitude for what is being brought to your attention, however painful or uncomfortable, is there something you can learn from this situation? There generally always is, and it is often something that has slipped our mind or avoided our consciousness. Being reminded can sometimes not be pleasant, but necessary.

Next simply release the unwanted emotions you are experiencing, like letting out a deep sigh, breathe out and release the negative, and breathe in fresh new energy. The negative emotions don't belong to you, you were only sensitive enough to pick them up.
It is often the most sensitive caring people energy vampires prey on, because you are so open and have an abundance of bright light to feed on. Being a highly sensitive person can be a blessing and a pain for some, most of the times it is a blessing though.

How to protect yourself 

  • The first step to combat this is always to be aware of your situation and that you for example are tensing up.
  • Secondly remove yourself from their presence.
  • Check if it could be a silent cry for help, it often is.
  • Being in a group of 3 people or more will also help.
 To protect yourself from situations like this, I like to use affirmations and meditation as a tool to build and expand my own protective barrier or shield that I can extend if I need it. Know that you are in full control of who you let near you, it's just a matter of practice like with anything.

We can all do this, we just haven't learnt how. Fortunately now schools and companies are now seeing that productivity and a space to withdraw and recoup your own energy or power, is not only necessary, but a great asset to productivity.
As Einstein said, 'once you've learned something, you can never take it back'.
Are you experiencing energy vampires in your everyday life, and how do you protect yourself?