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Ionized Water

Ionized Water Can Combat Chronic Pains

Is your stomach aching? Research by the Voice Institute of New York showed that drinking ionized alkaline water with a pH of at least 8.8, denatured enzyme associated with acid reflux and reflux diseases. For those with chronic digestive issues, drinking ionized water will make the reflux disease inactive because of its acid-buffering process. 

selection of water filters

Using an alkaline water filter pitcher to ionize and alkalize your water, not only helps your body internally, but also externally. Remember that the chemicals used to treat your water system, especially chlorine, can be just as harsh on your skin, as they can be disastrous to your digestive system. 

Drinking water filters and shower filters are a great way to help support your body and relieve dry itchy skin and gut issues. Find more info on this area in this link. 

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Oxidation is necessary for the body, our cells live and die everyday. It is a normal process our body go through everyday. However, to make sure our body is producing healthy cells we need to maintain a healthy diet with plenty of antioxidants. 

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A common misunderstanding about antioxidants, is that we were made to believe that we can only get them from brightly colored fruits and vegetables. We were told that water can help cleanse our body inside and out, but we seldom hear that water is also a source of antioxidants. In fact, as long as a substance can prevent oxidation, it can be considered as antioxidant. 

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ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. In other words, it gives us an indication of the quality of the water, and its ability to remove oxidation that causes aging (think of an apple after it has been cut - it goes brown due to oxidation) and free radicals that harm our DNA. 

The ORP balls will help remove the damaging elements through adsorption. You want it to be on the minus side - the higher negative reading the better it is for your body! 

antioxidant free radical chart

When free radicals meet with poor functioning cells, it may lead to cells eventually dying. In order to counter this, our bodies need a defense system to fight off the free radicals and prevent our cells from being damaged. Antioxidants are the perfect tool to neutralize the free radicals before causing damage to our body. 

Why is it called “free radical”? They are free because of the missing electrons which causes them to look for another molecule to pair up. In their search for a pair, they take electrons from cells and DNA leaving them damaged and opening the body to be easily infected with disease or start the aging process. Ionized water acts as a donor to free radical as they offer their negatively charged electrons to be paired up with them. 

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In our current generations, we are more exposed to preservatives and processed foods. Living and eating healthy is much more important than it was a decade ago, especially as much nutritional value has vanished from our foods, due to lesser nutrient-rich soil stemming from over farming and pollution.

However it seems all the more difficult to find our way amongst the myriad of products with seemingly ‘healthy’ content on the supermarket shelves. 

The top 10 worst processed foods are: 
● Chicken Nuggets ● Hot Dogs ● Fake Cheese ● Lunchables ● Spam ●
● Twinkies ● Soda ● Artificial Sweeteners ● Diet products ● French Fries ●

Once you start reading labels and become aware of the things to keep a look out for and avoid, you will start seeing it everywhere and quickly change your habits. It’s hard not to as you learn more about it, knowing the grave effects it can have for you & your family. 

fresh fruit and vegetables

According to a study carried out by the University of Colorado, we need to consume far more of each substance today to receive the same nutritional content our great-grandparents did, as our food nutrient density has declined almost 60% in the last 100 years! We eat far fewer vegetables, and with the nutritional yield so decreased, this is becoming a serious problem. 

ionized water for healthy lifestyle

A poor lifestyle and unhealthy diet will weaken our cells and will make it vulnerable to free radicals. We have to make sure we observe proper hygiene, healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent weakening of cells and the body. With all the new health, diet and training fads on the market, it isn’t hard to find a custom style that is suited for you. If this isn't enough motivation to be healthy and have strong bones and joints then keen reading.

With the increase in use of preservative chemicals, GMO, herbicides and pesticides, as well as over-farming and early-harvesting to make the most amount of profit gains, we are seeing an increase in allergies, due to the decrease of nutritional wholefoods. 

We have been raised in a time where packaged, frozen & canned food has been revered as practical and time saving, helping you live an easier life and have time for more fun. However we now know the consequences of eating this type of food is so severe, it is not worth risking your and your loved ones health. 

children dressed as chefs

Making food from scratch, instead of chucking a ready-meal in the oven, takes about the same time, and is the very best way to know exactly what you are eating and getting top notch nutrient rich foods. Not to mention it can be fun to cook up a storm together and try something new. A great way to get the kids involved and get them started on healthy habits from the get-go. 

Many of our modern day illnesses can be avoided with a good diet. Processed foods & meats have been linked to cancers, while wholefoods have been proven to reduce allergies, boost energy, improve skin glow, aid weight loss and in general make you feel and look amazing. 

be aware of dairy products

A final area to be very aware of is dairy products. As cows today are fed an array of chemicals, antibiotics etc. to keep bacteria away and make the milk edible for us, these chemicals are transferred to us. Yoghurt is not naturally bright pink or blue, this is a clear indicator of color additives, which are known to increase the risk of cancer. 

You can easily make your own fruit yoghurt by choosing a healthier sugar free option like greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt and add fruit and mix it together in the blender. Fruit itself adds plenty of sweetness, but for the sweet tooths out there you can add natural honey, coconut nectar, maple syrup or stevia if you wish to add a sweetening element. 

A simple rule is this - if you can’t read the ingredients due to it is so small, which again is due to there is so much of it - it is not a wholefood and should not be in your body, but a lab. 

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Aside from healthy diet and lifestyle, ionized alkaline water can make a big difference. It fills the micro-nutrients we need that we were not able to get from our diet. Sweating by exercising or playing sports also helps with body detoxification but it’s always important to stay hydrated. But if you don’t have time to exercise, drinking ionized water can help perform the same functions of sweating in our body. 

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Antioxidants carry a crucial role in staying healthy, these are the top 5 areas they will help you stay on your A game and feel and look amazing:

• Hydration
• Heart Health
• Cancer Prevention
• Young & Healthy Skin
• Avoiding Gut Issues

Make sure you get your fill of ionized alkaline water to stay in optimal shape. To get advice on which water filtration system is the best one for you, contact us today.