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how important is ionized alkaline water

How Important Is Ionized Alkaline Water

Ever heard lots of talk about conductivity in water, free radicals, antioxidants, and ionization and not really got what it all means and why it’s good for you? You’re not alone. There is a lot of info out there, and it can be confusing to get a handle on it all. That’s why we are here, to help you filter out info, and cut to the chase, leaving you able to make educated choices.

How Important Is Ionized Alkaline Water?

Many believe ionization is only possible through an expensive machine, that is incorrect. It is fully possible via a water filter which contains the correct type of filter media that will alter the molecular structure of the water molecules, charging them and reducing them in size and positive ions. 

Much like when you walk barefoot on the sand and nature absorbs your positive ions, and replaces them with negative ions, making you feel so good, drinking water high in negative ions can have a tremendous impact on you.
This process of structuring the water into teeny tiny neat micro-clusters, via altering their size and energy, is called ionization. The negative charge that is so important to you is called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Everything ages in air, we see it in our skin, our food, unless we protect ourselves and our surroundings, over time, we wear due to oxidation.

Ionized water contains millions and millions of electrons that act like antioxidants that counterbalance body-damaging chemicals and cell oxidization, by that way, extending cell life. Healthy cells do not require to be replaced frequently, therefore slows the process of aging while unhealthy cells caused by radicals and oxidation causes our body to age quickly. We can consider that antioxidant electrons in Ionized water is a big contributing factor of slow body aging therefore, prolonging life. 


“Reduced Water” or process of ionization gathers half or one third size of regular water molecule cluster. In one ionization, 12 water molecules are usually reduced to 4 to 6 micro molecule clusters. This means that water easily flows into our body getting into small spaces makes it easier to hydrate and detoxify the body. That’s why when we are sick, we often hear doctors say drink lots of water because water is a natural cleansing agent that helps detoxify our body.

Ionized water is alkaline and has a high level of pH. Many studies conclude that our cardiovascular system can benefit from drinking ionized water because it contains electrically charged ions and free electrons which also provides protection against free radical damage. It also neutralizes and discard free radicals before they damage our cell. Since ionized water is rich in electrons, it supplies the need of free radical therefore, prevents further damage to our body. 


Most water supplies are treated with chlorine and other chemicals to kill the bad bacteria. However chlorine and other chemicals also kill the intestinal flora or good bacteria, a bad circle of effects, destroying good vitamins like B12, E and K on its way. With chlorine in our water, can cause skin conditions like acne and eczema, leaving many with dry, itchy skin. 

Ionized water has a detox effect that makes skin healthy, and a high negative ORP (-ORP) helps remove harmful free radicals attacking your DNA, and thereby helps you slow down aging. The true anti-ageing products that actually work. 

If you want youthful, soft and glowing skin, it is advisable to consume alkaline ionized water every day. Ionized water also counterbalances stomach acid and prevents acid reflux and heartburn, it is also aiding with the digestion process to prevent constipation.

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