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What that means is, everyone around the planet is asked to take a moment and either go to a water source - any type - or stay in your home but take some time to send your good intentions and prayers into the Water. Go alone, with friends or family, whatever feels right.

This will have a massive conscious ripple effect across the Globe. An effect all will feel. World Water Day's main focus is to spread the importance of universal access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities in developing countries. Something that should be a given in 2017.


Some of you may have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto's wonderful lifelong scientific research covering the ability of human consciousness to change water's molecular structure. Using your words or thoughts, prayers or visualization, and portraying them to your water bottle will.


Doing the simple act of intention setting or prayers with your water on an everyday basis, will actually change the molecular structure and create energised revitalised water - which is much more healthy for you to consume. We consist of 70% water, so by blessing your water with positive thoughts, affirmations, visualizations and prayers - you are sending these very things to yourself and helping raise your vibration, physical vitality and improve your life.

Consider continuing with these positive thoughts and blessings before you step into your shower every morning, picture the water that will run over your body, will be showering you with energy, and be amazed at how good you will feel after the shower.

You can further add images or words such as love, thank you, blessings, gratitude, joy, harmony or whatever resonates with you, to the outside of your bottle to infuse it with even more positive energy. Or you can add crystals inside the bottle to draw on their ancient wisdom and natural healing powers. Each crystal has special abilities, but they all are amazing in their own way. Garnet or citrine is often used for abundance, carnelian is known to improve your immune system, blue calcite for improved communication etc. We will revert to more about crystals and their healing power in another article.


Wherever possible use glass containers for your water, as it carries a much higher vibrational frequency than plastic as glass is made from natural materials such as sand, lime and soda. Most types of glass consist of silica or silicon dioxide (SiO2), which derives from the crystalline mineral quartz - the most commonly used and strongest healing stone.

It is of course not always practical to carry a heavier glass bottle when travelling, but we recommend using glass when at home. It is said that glass bottles mimic the same flowing energy a river stream has, which allows water to erase ‘memories’ it may have carried with it through the many twists and turns and corners in the underground pipe systems, before reaching your faucet/tap.

Carrying a good travel size alkaline water filter, or a couple of crystals, as well as using the natural cleansing powers of the sun and moon light, to help heal and structure your water, can help bring you energized healthy water wherever you are. Placing water in natural UV sun or moonlight is also known for cleansing your water and releasing chemicals and bacteria, when using either a plastic or glass bottle although glass is preferable, as well as increasing the energetic vibration.

Invigorated Living is working hard on sourcing some top quality glass versions of our alkaline water filtration products to launch in the near future!

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