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Do you take pharmaceutical drugs on a regular basis thinking it will make you better, and because your doctor tells you it's safe? Recent studies show pharmaceutical drugs are known to mask not heal symptoms, and in most cases will only make you sicker. Natural medicine will even if it takes longer, actually heal.

Don’t get me wrong, both the pharmaceutical and the herbal industry have something going for it. General Medicine emergency medicine services we see today save countless lives and we would not want to be without this, but it is sorely lacking in knowledge and support to actually find a cure for the root of the ailment we see in daily life.

This is where natural medicine excels in comparison, as it is known to cure almost 100% of cases and gives a long lasting cure directly targeting the root of the issue, instead of masking symptoms, potentially making matters worse as the core problem is not being dealt with.

Natural medicine is a long-term project, it is however not as good at dealing with the quick fixes many are looking for today. However, for minor things like fevers, colds, headaches, toothing, and more, there are many easy and just as fast acting natural remedies on offer.

Both the pharmaceutical and herbal industries are making big coin from our lifestyles and pursuit to remain strong when the going gets tough, although pharma is about 10 times larger raking in a whopping 200 billion each year from prescription drug use.

Natural Medicine used to be just as popular as General Medicine is today. Did you know we had 4 main types of Healing Traditions up until the early 1900’s? At this time the then-new Pharmaceutical industry rallied up 2 of the wealthiest families in America, who naturally were shareholders in the companies, and created a massive slander campaign, and actual physical attacks on all other practising medical practitioners, forcing them to cease or desist.

This may sound dramatic and hard to believe, but they even went so far as to push canons into hospitals threatening the entire establishment and all of it to cease or desist to prove their case. A different era and very little law enforcement indeed.

All other areas of natural medicine were put down and taunted as an insufficient means of practising medicine without evidence. Of course, people are naturally sceptical, and word spreads. Their campaign was huge and efficient.

Today hardly anyone has heard of this story, which again was entirely planned and threatened against publishing anything about. As the families involved in this campaign also owned media companies, this proved a little problem to control.

It is however to me, quite shocking how we have grown accustomed to believing this direct lie, and quite frankly, blackmail campaign, where we know little to nothing of the lifegiving wonders of natural medicine and are taught to believe this is lesser and not to be trusted.

It is honestly very sad, that the evil forces which threaten, coerce and push their deadly toxic concoctions upon us, who directly shorten our lives and make us ill by consuming said concoctions, are raised up on pedestals and we are taught to believe doctors are like demi-gods and to be revered and to take every word of advice they give as golden.

It is in recent years proven that doctors are stifled, taught to go against what they know is not true to make a sale of drugs for a certain pharmaceutical company that has been giving them incentives to up their sales for their latest ‘wonder’ drug.

Doctors are an unfortunate pawn in this game, often not taught the truth, but what the industry wants them to know and what serves the monetary mission. Science is far ahead of general medicine, not hiding the truth, but again this is not a source we have learned to listen to.

There have been many official reports on cancer, and many more that have been forbidden to be published. It is quite astounding the amount of information and scientific evidence that exists online if you just go have a look. I was very surprised to learn there are so many known cures for cancer, yet we hear none of it in the media.

Why is this? Well I for one have a feeling it is because it does not serve the monetary mission the pharmaceutical industry is on. The sicker people are kept, the more money is made and the more control they have. We are given something much less than what is right there in front of us, which most of the time is free, as it is provided by nature itself. Not only are we being robbed of our health, but also of our wealth.

Did you know that Natural Medicine will in near 100% of cases heal you of any illness or ailment you have, whilst pharmaceutical drugs are known to make you worse?

Yes, Natural Medicine may not be an instant quick fix, but it won't band-aid the symptoms and make you worse like pharmaceutical drugs do, as your ailment the goes untreated. Natural Medicine actually heals you in depth forever.

We've been taught keeping drugs in our house is necessary to stay healthy, heal ourselves when we get fevers, headaches, tummy aches and diarrhea. There are Natural Medicine remedies out there for all these options.

Before you go and pop another pill, look up a healthy alternative today to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Here are the top 5 all time worst pharmaceutical prescription drugs to stay away from:

Vicodin and OxyContin are top of the list, not because they have the worst side effects, but because they are the most easily sourced drugs, and have been responsible for more deaths than ALL of the illegal drugs, like cocaine, meth, heroin, LSD, ++, combined. How? Because alcohol should never be mixed with either Vicodin or Oxycontin. Yet almost all of those who take these drugs combine them with alcohol. There are few warnings given, and many consume 4 or more pills at a time, while no more than 1 or 2 should be taken.

This drug was withdrawn by Merck in 2004 due to having been the known cause of 60.000 heart attacks. A shocking statistic. The surprising element is how a drug this high in risk, with very low benefit factor, was approved by the FDA. Vioxx is only one of several banned pharmacy drugs by the FDA, most being weight loss drugs, however, they can still be illegally acquired online.

Here we will give you an overview of the worst known drugs when it comes to side effects. Miraplex is a well known Parkinson’s drug, approved by the FDA, and known to have some of the worst side effects of all drugs. A common side effect is developing amnesia, an identical trait from cholesterol drugs such as Lipitor. Menopause drugs like EvaMist can increase risk of cancer, stroke, heart attack, blood clots, and even dementia - I doubt any menopause is really so bad that it is worth taking such high risks. Isn’t it just our own busy lives that get in the way of reality? Quitting smoking has today become more and more commonplace, with far fewer venues available to smokers. However taking Chantix to help you stop, may cause a halt to your life, as it is known to cause a desire to commit suicide. Lariam is given to soldiers and tourists to help stop the spread of Malaria but may cause you to have psychotic behaviour or intense hallucinations. Plavix, which is supposed to help prevent any heart attacks, may make you vomit blood instead. To me it is unfathomable that these drugs are approved by the FDA and made available to the public.

Depression is today such a standard illness, that it has been accepted as commonplace, and no one really lifts an eyebrow to the vast amounts of pills being munched to balance our nerves. Due to heavy marketing and name recognition, we often assume these prescription drugs are reasonably safe. This truth is however slightly skewed. Most notable of all side effects is how it affects the mind, which is quite ironic, as often it is exactly for mental problems like anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness and hypertension, it is deemed normal to use. Other well known side effects can be dry mouth, nausea, weakness, decreased sex drive, impotence, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, loss of appetite, drowsiness, shakiness, yawning, indigestion, sweating, flushing of the face, heavy dreaming, constipation, gas, vomiting, fever or chills, weight loss, vision challenges, chest pain, increased appetite and weight gain.

Again we see Vicodin and OxyContin on the list. Reason being the amount of deaths from people taking these drugs, despite the ‘A OK’ from the FDA. These and any other amphetamines, as mentioned above, are extremely addictive. This is often sourced via schools through black markets, and Ritalin is a well known ADHD drug and readily available. Remember Junior High and how stressful it was? Imagine how it is today, kids grow up far earlier and are living a totally different life, with a lot more pressure to fit in.