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Ketosis is a natural metabolic process that uses the fat in the body. If the body does not have enough glucose, it burns the fat stored within. This resulted to build up of acids in the body called ketones. Ketosis is usually observed in people with diabetes. This is because there are not enough insulin in the body or the insulin is not used properly.

Some people use keto diet. The entire body uses the fat stored for energy. The insulin level becomes low which leads to fat burning faster. This is achieved when people are fasting which is not a long term diet process. Others use the low carb diet. This is to force the body to burn the stored fat instead of the carbohydrates.

Ketosis has many benefits. It gives our body unlimited supply of energy. It is not true that we need to eat carbohydrates to make the brain work. The brain uses the ketosis burning them and feeding itself. It thus increases the mental and physical stamina. As brain feeds, it eliminates the suggestion that the body is hungry thus achieving weight loss. It is even used in patients with epilepsy.

Ketosis also has negative side effects. Too much ketosis can even become dangerous. It is called Ketoacidosis. This is when the ketones are too high that it poisons the body. It can develop in 24 hours making this condition very dangerous. It is usually caused by higher levels of hormones against insulin. This is usually observed to have occurred in patients with diabetes 1 and a few incidents with diabetes 2 patients.

Although, Ketoacidosis is not often seen in healthy individuals, reducing amount of carbohydrates excessively, exercising for long periods or just be pregnant can cause Ketosis. It can lead to coma and even death so it is considered emergency especially Diabetic patients. They need to be rush to the hospital, given treatment by healthcare workers or even admitted.

There are ways in which you can test if you are in ketosis.

Dry mouth and increased thirst

Observe if you have consumed enough water and yet you still feel thirsty.

Increased urination

You observe that you have to go more often, result of you feeling dry and thirsty, you drink more.

Keto breath

Your breath smells fruity and sometimes smells like nail polish remover. You can sometimes smell it from your sweat.

Reduced hunger

This is because your body is burning the fat stored, feeding the brain that it suggests to the body that you do not need food.

Increased energy

Before the body burns the fat, you will feel tired but after a while, the body will feel more energized and the brain will be more active.

If you think you are experiencing these symptoms, it is still better to see your doctor to get proper medical aid.