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I come from a land of snow and cold, and this year is turning out to be a whopper. While I love the thought of snowmen and snow angels, hot cocoa and toasted marshmallows, crackling fireplaces and mountain cabins, I really can’t stand the cold.
Winter and cold weather can be so beautiful, the air is so crisp and clean, the skies are so blue, everything is lighter and brighter with the white delicate snowflakes adorning trees, windowsills and rooftops, but in small amounts. And preferably away from the city where the now gets a greyed mushy tinge, melts, then freezes, creating crazy ice shapes to try to balance on. Add in new snow on top and you have yourself a challenge.

However, channelling Disney’s Elsa from Frozen never gets old. I love singing and ‘Let It Go’ just sounds better in the shower! It’s a great empowering mindful song, great for all ages, a great everyday reminder to let all the little things go. Not to mention singing is a great stress reliever.

I tried adding in the line “the cold never bothered me anyway”, but this part never feels quite true. Now since I have been learning Wim Hof’s breathing techniques and the cold really is becoming a tiny voice in the back of my head. Who would have thought through increasing our circulatory breathing skills our bodies are able to heat up and heal unlike nothing else.

Regardless, tropics or colder climates, colds and flu have a way of sneaking into your life anyhow. Of course, if you have kids in school this often leads the way easily spreading to the whole family, but aircon, or the mix of hot indoor/cold outdoor temperatures, lack of sleep and stress can also be enough to trigger a cold, cough or flu.

In 2007, the CDC released guidelines to protect oneself against flu. It’s very easy and much better than the old adage of having to ‘push through’ and mask symptoms with pseudoephedrine drugs:

• Stay at home when you’re sick
• Stay home if you’re exposed to someone who has a flu
• Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough - use your elbow not your hands!
• Always wash your hands and carry an anti-bacterial gel in your bag
• If it can’t be avoided, please use mask when interacting with other people

So how do I prevent flu? As I grow older and took control over my body through learning about the world of natural healing, I am happy to say that I rarely ever get a cold or a flu anymore. I would always have at least 1-2 per year before.

Learning to keep a focus on what you put into your body, how to reserve and restore your energy (yes I absolutely believe that health starts from the outside and shows up on the inside. More on that in another article), how much your mind plays into it all and how we with simple techniques can quickly heal, has made the world of difference. Who has time to lie around and stare at a wall anyway :)

Here are 6 natural remedies to help boost your immune system:

1. Vitamin C 

Take 1000 mg daily for regular days and increase dosage to 4000 mg if you are experiencing flu symptoms. If you don’t want to take supplements, fresh fruits and vegetables are rich source of vitamin C, most especially their skin. So eat them whole and do not peel off the skin!

2. Vitamin D

Of course, due to global warming, sunlight is healthiest in the morning. So make sure to smile back at the sun when you wake up in the morning.

3.Oregano Oil

This essential oil is known for its powerful antiviral effect. Mix it with your tree, with your lemon water or diffuse it. It’s known to make wonders not only for flu but also other remedies.

4. Probiotics

Aside from the little milk-yoghurt bottle that we see in grocery stores, consuming foods rich in probiotics helps clean our gut, eliminating bacterias that weaken our immune system.

5. Fresh air

Because it’s cold, indoor environment every winter is a little bit dense and may contain germs and toxins that will attack your body. But make sure to cover yourself enough when you go out for a walk. Doing this also hits 2 birds with one stone, you get enough sunlight (Vitamin D) and you get fresh air :)

6. Healthy foods & plenty of water

Last but not least, clean eating has a lot to say. What you put in, you must expect to get out. Hot soups, plenty and plenty of water, hot water, honey and cinnamon, ginger and garlic and onions. All these help either hydrate your body, prevents mucus build up or boost your immune function.

As we age, our bodies may become more susceptible to an array of germs, viruses and bacteria. With all the attacks on our bodies through toxins in environment, food and drink, being able to adapt and learn how to cope is ever important. This is why the demand for longevity medicine and the true heroes of anti-ageing - mindfulness, breathwork, deep sleep, intermittent fasting, less stress/fear/worry, regular exercise, clean water and clean eating - are becoming increasingly popular and being implemented into daily lives and routines.

Jobs are becoming more flexible, the amount of entrepreneurs starting their own businesses is rapidly increasing, the demand for freedom and to pull back from the nitty gritty, where you actually have time for the important things in life like family and friends and yourself, instead of commuting and arriving home after the kids are in bed, are now top of the priority lists.

Making time for you, and letting go of all the old things that no longer serve you, takes some time, adjustments and mindset changes, but it’s worth it :)