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By now most of you are aware of the dangers of fluoride, and how we have been wrongly informed of its teeth healing abilities. Even the toothpaste tube loud and clear states ‘DO NOT SWALLOW’ and to call Emergency Poison Control if you do….that kind of says it all.

Want to counteract teeth cavities? You’re better off increasing your Vitamin D and Omega 3 intake, as according to scientific studies carried out by West Virginia University Rural Health Research Center on tooth decay, fluoride makes no impact on preventing cavities.

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It is quite shocking to think that our water is poisoned by indeed those who say they are there to look after us, but that is what is happening. Public water supplies across the world have sodium fluoride added to the water, and tell us it is there to help improve dental health. What nonsense. Sodium fluoride is not to be mistaken for calcium fluoride, which is naturally occurring in our ground and ocean waters.

Sodium silicofluoride or Hydrofluorosilicic acid, which are the 2 most common used types of fluoride found in drinking water, are pure neurotoxins. These toxins are byproducts from the fertilizer industry, and are classified as hazardous waste.

A well known neurotoxin like fluoride, will not only destroy your teeth, but also make your brain rot and can dramatically lower IQ. Ever experienced ‘zoning out’ during the day? That is known as ‘fluoride fog’, the toxicity clouds our brains. Pretty bad huh.

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But life is what it is right, it doesn’t help complaining about what is, we rather have to channel our energy and do what we can to improve the situation.

As our soils and waters are polluted with chemicals via spills, the use of pesticides, herbicides and other agricultural farming methods, we have no choice but to accept the fact that there is bound to be chemicals and toxins in the food and water we consume.

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As a parent, or health conscious individual, living clean is becoming increasingly difficult, as even organically farmed vegetables, will drink of the ground and water that is contaminated. It isn’t just direct contamination that matters, we are all connected on this planet, and even that which happens on the other side of the planet may affect you on the other side.

Common foods that you can suspect of heavy metal contamination are fish, seaweed, cacao, and unfortunately most of that which is grown in China. It is advisable to start becoming more and more aware, take notes, do your research, and find the ways that feel natural to you. Go at your own pace, don’t rush.

Adding an alkaline water filter, either small pitcher, countertop, tap or undersink system, can be a great benefit to limit how much fluoride is brought into your house.

Whether it is a large inline whole house filter, or if you start with a smaller water bottle, water pitcher, faucet filter, countertop filter, shower filter - it will all make a big difference in your life.

You will look and feel better for it, and you will most definitely over time develop a ‘water snob’ sensor for when there are chemicals added. Impossible to avoid when you know how clean water tastes!

So, even though highly toxic man made fluoride is exceedingly difficult to avoid, if we make the right choices and take simple steps to improve our footprint, we can all greatly reduce exposure to fluoride and eliminate how much is in our bodies via food and drink.

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Here’s to an invigorated life!