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We’ve all noticed how plump luscious lips get all the attention, I mean who doesn’t enjoy kissing soft lips. We’ve all also experienced at some point in time, the complete opposite, a sudden onset of dry cracked or chapped lips, which can leave us biting away dead dry skin in order to hide it.

What causes this sudden dryness and lack of plumpness? Quite simply - dehydration. Dehydration can occur with only a loss of 1-2% of the body’s water content, which can occur by simply forgetting to replenish with enough water during the day, perspiring, or if you are ill with vomiting or diarrhea.

Dehydration can give symptoms such as dry lips, being thirsty, tiredness, lack of concentration, becoming moody, memory, motor concentration and more. One of the very first visible places dehydration will show up is your lips. You may start licking your lips to help moisturize, but soon no amount of spit will help, as the need for moisture comes from within. Soon after you will notice a lack of glow in your complexion, and headaches or other side effects may occur.

This shows how very important it is to keep up your fluid intake, especially if you live in a warmer, humid climate. But also when living in cooler climates, and the temperatures are constantly changing, and the body is spending a lot more energy shifting between the two, do you need to keep your hydration levels high. A warm cuppa may be the trick instead of your summery ice water.

Our body consists of 70-80% water, a whopping amount, and a very important reason to be aware of the great need to replenish with life giving clean water, instead of sugary, caffeine or alcoholic beverages, which will in turn only dehydrate you further.

So, how can you start a good habit of re-hydrating enough and consistently? Switching out the habit of buying single use water bottles in the store, and carrying a refillable tritan, glass or steel water bottle is the best way to go. Many cafes or restaurants, as well as some large supermarkets, now offer refill stations, at a much lower rate than if you buy a single use bottle. A great way to incentivise the new trend. Not only will this help our planet, it will also help your wallet and your body.

Naturally, lips as they are exposed to the elements, can also be affected by weather and temperatures. So to help your lips stay soft, supple and luscious, you can make your own lip scrubs and lip balms. As we are all more and more becoming aware of the fact that many products on the market contain ingredients that are not necessarily good for us, we prefer making our own. It’s super easy and quick to do.
All you need to make 50pcs is empty containers of choice, tubes, tins or jars, a filling tray to help keep them steady, a selection of your choice ranging from for example shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, essential oils, natural flavourings or natural colours of choice. Recipes vary, the choice is yours, and Google offers an array of tested and tried recipes.

We personally like Dr.Axe’s recipes, he has a great selection of natural recipes ready to go. Here’s a recipe for his smooth lips lip scrub, and another recipe for his lavender mint lip balm.

We’d love to hear about your tried and tested recipes. Why not make special versions for your kids, a great family day activity. Or perhaps you can make some gifts for Christmas for your friends and loved ones? The choice is yours.

From all of us here at Invigorated Water - happy puckering!
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