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A call to action: NOW is the time to participate!

In a fast paced environment where there is always something happening around us, do we have time to care for something that doesn’t directly affect or benefit us on a daily basis? If you know that one small action can contribute to something big, although will not benefit you directly, will you participate or consider it as a waste of time?

Every year on June 5th we celebrate World Environment Day and International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing, and on the 8th of the same month we celebrate World Oceans Day. This year, all three observance days focus on the same message

Food & Water Watch is working on a campaign with college and universities promoting tap water over bottled water. #TakeBackTheTap encourages everyone to drink tap water as the quality of most bottled water is the same as tap water and tap water is definitely cheaper.

A great little doco on bottled vs tap water has been created by The Story of Stuff Project and is publicly available on YouTube.

Remember that most plastics are non-biodegradable. Once we toss it on our trash bins, it doesn’t end up as compost, well it will in about 100+ years. Plastic waste not only causes more harm to humans, but also to our forests and oceans. Plastics building up in sewage systems is one of the causes of all the floods the world is experiencing, especially during the wet season.

Plastics effect on forest and oceans is vast. Not only is it visible and clogging up our oceans, it is also killing animals when they get stuck in it, or after they consume it. Over time plastics are shredded into small microparticles, which are absorbed by both land and sea creatures, causing them to ingest it, choke on it or get poisoned in the process. Oh and did we mention plastics can take anywhere from 10 to 1000 years to decompose..?!

So - what can we do?

We don’t need to be students to participate in #TakeBackTheTap

If you do not trust your water source of your school or workplace, you can always bring your own water bottle like our pH HYDRATE Alkaline Glass Bottle or PH REVIVE Alkaline Tritan Bottle, or our portable travel product, pH ON-THE-GO Alkaline Water Filter Pouch.
Practice bringing a reusable bag for groceries, shopping or food take outs

In the 21st century we no longer need to carry big wicker baskets just to avoid plastics. There are many types foldable reusable bags available to suit every fashion need. Keep one or more in your bag, car, office and home for easy access whenever you need it.
Left-overs? There’s no need to use plastic wrap!

Glass containers can be easily cleaned out either by hand or dishwasher. It also preserves food quality as glass containers usually have air-tight lid. Other options include silicone lids, silicone ziplock bags, beeswax wrap, foil and the traditional bowl on a plate (or vice versa) technique. While we’re on the topic of food, why not replace your old kitchen utensils with a healthier silicone set.

The future is bright!

We believe that we have an obligation to do our best to sustain life (humans, plants or animals) here on earth for the generations to come. Our goal is to help provide clean affordable water to all. We sincerely hope that in your own little way, you will consider the environment in every decision that you make.

Until next week - stay healthy - stay invigorated!