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Showering Using A Filter

Showering Using A Filter

Many cities now treat water with chloramines instead of chlorine, leaving your skin & health to suffer, as this chemical based from a mix of chlorine & ammonia, will not dissipate into air over time like chlorine does. If you love standing in a hot shower, and don’t have proper ventilation in the room, your health could be at risk.

It is common practice in most households to use a water filter for their potable water. The filter isolates particles which makes our water cleaner. Lately, a huge selection of shower filters have been available on the market - is it just a trend or are the waters we use for bath time is no longer healthy for the skin?

Here are 6 reasons why we should start using shower filters:

1. IT DOESN’T GO AWAY - Our local government and water companies are treating our water supplies with chlorine & chloramine to kill disease-causing pathogens, such as bacteria & viruses. Chlorine is easily absorbed in the body, a staggering 60 % of chlorine accumulation comes from your daily hygiene routine. Chlorine, if not limited, is considered a harmful chemical. Chloramine, does not dissipate into air and is therefore much harder to remove, and is proving to be a much greater risk to your health than Chlorine.

2. BREATHING VAPOURS CAN CAUSE GREAT DAMAGE - Aside from Chlorine, chemical compounds like ammonia are used to treat our water, the combination creating what is known as Chloramine. When taking a hot shower, chemicals are vaporized and released into the air. When we inhale these chemicals, it causes harm to our lungs. It may also cause harm or irritation on the skin. Make sure you have good ventilation in your bathroom.

3. REDUCE RISK OF BLADDER AND BREAST CANCER - there is research that suggests Chlorine and Chloramine (Chlorine + Ammonia) are contributing factors to cancer. By eliminating our contact with these harmful chemicals, we are removing ourselves from the risk.

4. FILTER DIRT AND BACTERIA - the main use of a filter is to isolate dirt from water to create cleaner healthier and softer water for our skin & hair. A shower filter will also prevent bacterial growth and micro-organisms from coming into contact with our skin.

5. PROTECT YOUR SKIN - 60 % of  the Chlorine you absorb daily, comes from showering. Your skin is your largest organ, and remember what happens with hot water, that’s right, your pores open up wide. This means free access to chemicals bombarding your body. However, breathing the fumes is more hazardous.


Chlorine removes moisture from the skin leaving you feeling dry and itchy, with often dull and lifeless skin & hair. It can also aggravate skin conditions like eczema. By using a shower filter, you will look and feel better.

6. FEEL MORE ENERGIZED - By removing hazardous chemicals from the water you shower your body with, you are removing health risks, and will start to look and feel better instantly. Chlorine exposure can cause fatigue, depression, and lower the body’s natural auto-immune function. Using a shower filter will give your immune system a boost and leave you with a us a stronger body, invigorated mind and happier soul.

Which Shower Filter do I  choose? 

The  the most popular are the Carbon, KDF and Vitamin C filters. Most conventional shower filters on the market today will not be able to remove more than a small amount of the chloramines from your shower. The only way to entire and immediately eliminate and remove Chlorine & Chloramines, is to use a Vitamin C shower filter.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has recently been included in AWWA Standard (AWWA, 2005b) as one of the methods for dechlorination of disinfected water mains. Ascorbic acid has been used for a long time as one of the dechlorinating agents for preservation of chlorinated or chloraminated water samples for laboratory analysis.

A Vitamin C shower filter neutralizes about 99% of the chlorine and chloramines in the water after the water has run through the filter and come into contact with the Vitamin C. The Vitamin C’s effectiveness does not decrease until the Vitamin C is completely used up. So be sure to order your refill cartridge on time.

Carbon filters are the most common and cheapest option. They function like your regular kitchen filter. However, the are not always effective. Why? Because the performance of a carbon filter is affected by heat. Meaning, activated carbon is useless with warm/hot water.

KDF filters are not effective in removing chloramines but effective in removing chlorine.They are usually made of copper and zinc which creates a tiny electrical charge when pressed together. The charge usually liberates free-roaming chlorine in your water supply.

Vitamin C Filters - although often slighter higher priced, they are considered the most effective of all filters. A Vitamin C filter will also remove chloramines and sediments, as it uses a tube of pure ascorbic acid which neutralizes the harmful chemicals in your water.

The best combination is of course to find a filter with a selection of filter media, all with its own unique strength, helping you not only remove 1 but multiple elements compromising your health.

If you are not sure which shower filter to get, we suggest contacting your local water authority to check which chemicals are in your local water source, and that way identify which filter would best work for you.

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