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How has the start of the year been for you? I'd love to hear some of your stories. I personally got caught up in the jet stream of all the vibrational and energetic changes that have been happening in the Universe and felt chucked around like a puppet in the churny surf.

It took a lot of effort to pull myself up and out of the whitewash and not feel sorry for myself. I'm the type that doesn't ask for help either, I go recluse and hide away, which doesn't better the situation.

Through addressing it with some of my best and closest friends I let the emotions wash over me, dared to look them straight in the eye, voiced them and thereby removed their power and really dedicated myself to facing anything that arose head on, I have gained a new threshold of knowledge, understanding and power over myself and how I choose to design my life.

Conscious intention setting is only a small part of the whole. Being aware and open to which opportunities are presenting themselves, meeting every day as if it is a gift and joyously grasping any connections, signs and clues you get along the way with gratitude, along with massive ginormous action is key for success.

You're not going to get anything for free in this life, and regardless of how much The Secret focused on if you think positively good things will come to you, I can tell you now, nothing comes without action.

I hate to bust your bubble, but no billionaire got there by thinking themselves rich. Action, action, action. Be what you preach. Stay focused, your goal is not someone else's goal.

Thought leaders like Gandhi and Tony Robbins both recognise that this is the key to ultimate success & happiness, you have to work for it and be the change that you wish for.

If someone puts you down and says you can't do it, remember thy are talking from their own limitations, for them perhaps yes it is not possible, because they can't conceive it, and don't believe it, and therefore will never achieve it.

You on the other hand can do and achieve anything you can conceive and believe in, there's a reason the thought fell into your head perhaps now isn't it? Because you are strong enough to make it happen. You can do it. If you really want to. Do you?

Gratitude is another huge part of the success and a daily journal is highly recommended. Or write a note each day and put it in a big jar, whenever you feel down you can read your notes and re-discover all the beautiful things in your life.

It can also be a beautiful end of year tradition, re-living last years achievements and highlights, and setting a new intention, goal and vision for the next year.

When the year comes to an end again, it can be interesting to revisit your notes and see if your vision matches your reality, if you stayed on track with your goals and passions, and if not, why you lost track and de-railed away from your purpose, light and a fulfilled life.

It's very easily done, but through conscious intentions, awareness, openness, love and gratitude - you will see big things happen. Let your miracle out, plant that seed and nurture it while watching it grow into the beautiful dream you hold inside you.

Our lives, if you follow numerology, run in cycles of 9 years, and in this space of time it is like we are learning everything from the theory of planting a seed and how it will grow into a magnificent vision, to actually doing it, nurturing and being consistent, persistent, believing even when times are hard, showing that you believe in your dream even though you've never seen it and right now it seems impossible.

As Audrey Hepburn so aptly put it, even the the word impossible says I'm Possible - only your beliefs will limit and slow you down. Believing in yourself, and that your dream is possible is essential.

Witnessing and experiencing the miracle, joy and abundance when you finally feel the miracle starting to take flight, then soaring and in the end being able to harvest and live and stand smack in the middle of your vision, it is incredible.

You are your vision, and in the true essence of the word - you are BE-ing the authentic you.

What is your goal, dream or vision for 2018? Remember - dream big - only you set your own limits and lower your own roof. If you can conceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it.

Make 2018 matter, live every day with purpose, passion and power. Know that you make a difference. Be who you are meant to be, start BE-ing instead of just DO-ing. Go conquer your Dreams and please share your success stories with me! ❤️