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Saving the best and most nutritious part of the avocado - the stone or seed as it in fact is, you will not only be better off, but also save money and improve your health! Not to mention the talk of the neighborhood
Bake it for an hour, peel, chop, and chuck it in the blender. Easy peasy super nutritious avocado seed powder to add to your smoothies, cereals, soups or anything you want :) As it does have a slight bitter taste, it is best to mix it with other things
Take your Avocado and remove the stone or seed (use multiple if you have them! The more the merrier!) Gently rinse off fruit residue without damaging the protective shell.


Place the avocado seed in an oven pan and bake for 1-2 hours on low to medium heat.
Remove the seed from the oven pan and gently peel away the outer shell, which should now be dry and crisp. 

You will find a surprisingly soft and yummy inner seed, which slices like butter. If you do not have a strong high-speed blender, it is preferential to chop the stone up into smaller pieces before blending.
Place in blender and whizz away until you have fine powder'

ALTERNATIVE: If you want to save up the stones or seeds until you have enough to make a good portion, or avoid baking them, you can choose to let them naturally dehydrate and then grate them. 


Simply mix 1 tsp into your food/drink of choice, and enjoy the plethora of benefits. Look and feel great! 


Avocado stone, or seed, has more antioxidants than most fruit and vegetables, and make up a whopping 70% of the nutritional benefit of the whole avocado! 

According to health experts it's got more soluble fibre than oats, and most other types of foods too. This can help solve many digestive and intestinal issues. The mighty avocado seed also boasts lowering cholesterol and keeping viral and bacterial illnesses at bay as part of its range of superpowers. 

And it can further help boost collagen in the skin, keeping you radiant and young and healthy looking, as well as give that oh so desirable hair shine. And hydrated skin. The benefits are numerous. 

It is further known as an anti-fungal, anti-tumor, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting and body-slimming wonder fruit. 

Folklore even claims the mighty seed was used for toothache, dysentry, diarrhea, dandruff, pimples and even as a cosmetic blush substitute! The plentiful polyphenols that can be found in green tea are bountiful in the avocado seed, which boasts the ability to help defend against heart disease. Is there anything this humble seed can not do?! 


All hail the seeds, and the one who succumbed to the urge of figuring out whether all the food we are throwing away, is in fact rubbish. So far, scientific research has proven that most items we deem as off cuts or waste, are in fact the most nutritionally loaded part of the food. 

In general we are talking about seeds. Mother Nature's miracle. If you think about it, it is quite logical, a seed brings new life when planted, why then not when introduced on your body? 

Talking of which, why not grow your own little avocado tree by either placing the stone in the ground ,with the pointy side up, round side down. Or by sticking 3-4 toothpicks gently into the seed, and placing the seed in a clear container so the bottom is submerged in water, and top half dry. A seedling will sprout within 1-2 weeks. Transfer then to a pot, nurture and love it, now to wait for the goodies to arrive! It will take some time, and avocado trees do not bear fruit the first year, but once they get going they will bring you abundant joy!