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Just as Dorothy once clicked her famous red sparkly slippers and quoted the famous words ‘There’s nowhere like home!’ while she was whisked back to Kansas with her beloved dog Toto, we too love the wonderful feeling of coming home to where we belong after being away.

One of the greatest form of love anyone can receive is a Mother’s love. Her words are always our strength, our cure and her love is our sustenance. When it feels like the world has turned its back on you, there will always be those arms welcoming you for a warm hug, reassuring you that everything will be ok, and that you will never be alone.

Most of the countries around the world will celebrate Mother’s Day next month. While we are the source of our mother’s strength, we are also a source of their weakness. Take this day to make her feel how special, thankful and loved you are because of her. May you always remember to honor her, not just today, but everyday.

Another Mother we need to protect, love and support is our collective Mother - Mother Earth or Gaia or Magna Mater - she has a lot of names. Regardless of what you call her, it’s time that we all do our part to make sure that we give her all the best that we can. In today’s world we are seeing countless natural catastrophes, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes, extreme weather is no longer a myth of ancient eras, it is happening all around us right here, right now. Climate change is real, and it is all our responsibility to do our part.

While each and every country has their own struggles and goals to pursue, we all come together in promoting what’s the best for our shared planet: Earth. Last Saturday, our social media walls were flooded with Earth Day quotes and photos celebrating International Mother Earth Day.

With so many catastrophes hitting us from all angles of recent years, it is more important than ever that we stand together and protect this precious place we are so lucky to call home. Two of the biggest disasters in recent history are the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Explosion and the Fukushima Daichii Nuclear Disaster, both classified as Level 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

These events, and many others which contaminate our precious resources, leave our beloved Mother Earth gasping for our help. These disasters stretch across not only land, but also oceans and most importantly adversely impact human lives.
So how can we help? If there is one easy thing we all can do for Mother Earth, it is to: Plant A Seed.
Trees take up to 15 to 20 years to grow depending on their type. According to Live Science, every year, we lose as much as 18 million acres of forest, much due to rapid deforestation of vital earth lungs like our rainforests. If we don’t start planting seeds for plants, bushes, and trees, we will be left with nothing in the near future. An effect with dire consequences for us all.

Going back to our suggestion to planting a seed: Did you know that trees, bushes, and vines are overtaking the surrounding area of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant? The plants are protecting themselves from low-level radiation while producing oxygen and purifying water. How awesome is that?! If you don’t have a lot of ground to plant a seed, you can also choose to donate, volunteer or join organizations dedicated to this type of activity. Every little bit counts.
Chemicals not only permeate our ground environment, but also our air supplies. Volatile Organic Compounds, also known as VOC’s. NASA has carried out a study on this area outlining how plants can help remove these harmful chemicals, proving just how important it is to help plant a seed where you can. This article outlines which plants are the most beneficial for your home & environment. We will go more into VOC’s in another article coming soon.

A couple of weeks ago we posted about #MeToo and #ZeroDiscriminationDay. Invigorated Water continues its campaign to support equality, safety and health at work for everyone as we celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work this Saturday. We call all employers, big and small to support this year’s theme: safe and secure working environments for all workers by 2030 and SDG target 8.7 of ending all forms of child labor by 2025.
These children may not be your own, but they could well have been. Let’s all show our Motherly (or Paternal) Love and support this urgent and important cause.


Until next week - stay healthy - stay invigorated!