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pH PURIFY Faucet & Tap Water Filter


Most faucet filters are tricky to install, with many requiring you to cut holes in your counter. 

pH PURIFY is easy to install, and does not require you to cut holes in your counter.

pH PURIFY offers Multi-Stage filtration, removing chemicals, heavy metals, and pollutants from your family's water source.

pH PURIFY also increases -ORP, adds beneficial minerals, while ionizing and oxygenating, to ensure your water is soft, and free from nasty smells and tastes.

Not only is pH PURIFY great value - the PH006 filter inside pH PURIFY is good for up to 6 months, and replacement filters are an amazing value at under $14 per filter.

pH PURIFY Multi-Stage Faucet Water Filter Features;

  • Fits most standard faucets and taps, and installs easily in minutes
  • Three switch positions to conserve filter life. The first position engages the filter, delivering clean purified water. Position 2 is the sprayer, ideal for washing your dishes. Position 3 is regular flow from your tap
  • Includes 1 X PH006 Long –Life 8-Stage Tap Water Filter. Replacement filters are great value and can be purchased right here in our store
  • PH006 8 stage tap water filter included

  1. DIATOM CERAMIC, eliminating chemicals and rust.
  2. COCONUT SHELL ACTIVATED CARBON (GAC) absorbs chemicals, colors & odours.
  3. CALCIUM SULFITE, efficiently removes chloramine and chlorine.
  4. KDF, to remove residual chlorine, and harmful gases including chloramine, as well as heavy metals like copper & cadmium.
  5. ZEOLITE, is natural and effective in removing fluoride, and a host of heavy metals, while allowing beneficial minerals to remain.
  6. OUR SPECIAL ALKALINE BLEND, Increases pH & -ORP, softens hard water, removes free radicals, while adding trace elements & beneficial minerals.
  7. TOURMALINE, increases pH levels.
  8. Last, but not least, our PP layer filters out hazardous particles including sand, silt, and rust.


Tap Water Filter Replacement Guide;

The PH006 filter within pH PURIFY can last up to 12 months, however this varies greatly depending on your water source.

If your water is heavily fluoridated and chlorinated, your filter will not last as long, compared to cleaner water.

Also, as with all filters of this nature, filter life depends on consumption. If you are 1-2 people using the filter it will last longer than 3-4 people using the filter.

For these reasons, we suggest you change your filter every 6 months.

One way to know when your filter is coming to the end of its life is when the water flow slows down dramatically. When the water flow is very slow this means the filter materials have adsorbed all they can, and it's time to change your filter.

Finally, the Diatom Ceramic layer, that is actually the outer wall of the filter, needs cleaning once a month. To do so, remove the filter from pH PURIFY, and use the small piece of sandpaper provided with the filter, to gently clean the Diatom Ceramic layer.

To learn more about the benefits and science behind alkaline water please visit our resources and blog.

" Great support behind this product."

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Filter Replacement Guide

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As for all of our filters, these are general terms. 

The PH006  can last up to 6 months although it will depend on how often they need, and get, cleaned.

If you have a hard water softener, very high chlorine levels, hard water, etc, the life of filter might not be as long as stated.

Product Specifications

Height:  2.5"/6.35 cm

Length:  5"/12.7 cm

Width:  6"/15.24 cm

Weight: 7 oz/.20 kg

UPC:  850006539109 (Chrome)

UPC:  850006539307 (White)


Question:  My PH006 has started to slow down. 

Answer:  If the water flow becomes noticeably smaller or slower, please remove the filter housing and take out the ceramic filter.  Use the sandpaper provided to clean the diatom ceramic outer shell and remove any build up that is causing the water to flow slowly. Rinse well.

Even though you won't need to change the filters for a long time, we would suggest that you clean the ceramic filter outer shell now and then, especially if you live in an area with hard or contaminated water, and give it a good clean. 


Question:  I can not unscrew my filter housing.

Answer:  The PH006 filter housing can be a bit hard to get apart once it's been on the tap for awhile if overtightened.
This is mostly likely because of an air lock, or there is limescale build up where the two pieces holding the filter housing come together.
Suggestions would be:
1.) allow the filter housing to be off the tap for 24 hours to allow the pressure inside to decrease.
2.) soaking the filter housing in a vinegar/water solution to break up any hard water minerals that have built up, thus not allowing for the housing to come apart.
3.) submerge the housing in some very warm water for about 2 to 3 minutes and then give a try to unscrew the two pieces.

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