Portable Alkaline Water Filter Pouch, pH ON-THE-GO


Our portable pH ON-THE-GO Alkaline Water Filter Pouch is a compact and affordable solution, to ensure you and your loved one’s have clean healthy high-alkaline water anywhere, anytime.

You’ll have naturally purified ionized water at the office, while traveling, shopping, hiking, & on holiday. pH ON-THE-GO is compatible with our pH REPLENISH Glass Pitcher, our pH HYDRATE Glass Water Bottle, and the pH VITALITY Steel Pitcher.

Not only that, with pH ON-THE-GO you can use your favourite water bottle, pitcher, jug, or any other container you like - even a simple glass of water will work great!

When we say anywhere, anytime, we really mean it. pH ON-THE-GO can be used in the home, office, gym, spa, mall, bus, train, plane, car, biking, hiking, walking, running - the uses for pH ON-THE-GO are only limited by your imagination.

Oh, and it’s super-easy to use too - even your kids or granny can do it!

Alkaline Water Filter Pouch Features;

  • Helps to optimize health and wellbeing. Drinking alkaline water that is pH 8 or above aids in reducing disease causing inflammation while strengthening the immune system. 

  • Purified alkaline water helps to slow down the aging process, aid in weight loss, improve hydration, energy levels, and mental clarity.

  • Multi-Stage Alkaline Water Filter Pouch including;

    -Alkaline Calcium Balls, increasing pH levels & help easily absorb beneficial calcium.

    -ORP Balls to increase the negative potential producing high-antioxidant water, which improves absorption.

    -Maifan stones add healthy minerals including selenium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

    -Anti-Bacterial balls eliminate bacteria, optimizing health & making your water taste & smell amazing.

    -Zeolite & Activated Alumina greatly reduce fluoride while eliminating heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, copper & lead.

    -Dechlorination Balls remove prevent bacterial growth & chlorine.

    -Far-Infrared activates and oxygenates the water.

  • Super-Easy to use. Simply open the reusable zip-top storage pouch, soak your filter for a few minutes, and you’re ready to enjoy purified high pH alkaline water.

To learn more about the benefits and science behind alkaline water please visit our resources and blog.

Alkaline Water Filter Pouch Replacement Guide;

We recommend replacing your pH ON-THE-GO filter pouch 30 g every 300 cups/16 gallons/72 litres or for the 100 g 1700 cups/105 gallons/400 litres - which is an amazing filter life for such a tiny low cost filters.

The average person consumes 68 Ounces (2 Litres) per day, so as a general guide we recommend replacing your filter pouch about once a month.

Of course, if you consume more than 68 ounces of water per day, you’ll need to change your filter more regularly.

Product Specifications:

Height: 6"/15.24 cm (foil package)

Length: 4"/10.16 cm (foil package)

Width: .1"/1 cm (foil package)

Weight: 1 oz. (foil package)

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