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pH REJUVENATE Shower Head Filter


When showering our body absorbs chemicals from our water, including chlorine, heavy metals and fluoride. We also breathe toxic chloramine.

Our pH REJUVENATE filtered shower head helps to greatly reduce these nasties from your water, so you can enjoy a clean chemical free shower experience.

As well as removing chlorine and chloramine, leaving your skin, hair and scalp soft and smooth, the Vitamin C block within pH REJUVENATE offers a gorgeous soothing citrus smell to invigorate the senses, reduces stress, & improve mood & sleep quality.

Our proprietary filter recipe within the filter softens hard water, to help reduce flaky skin.
pH REJUVENATE features 180 tiny laser-cut cone-shaped water holes, which forces water through the (five times smaller) holes on the head surface, resulting in luxurious high pressure water, while still looking after the environment by saving up to 35% more water than regular shower heads.

pH REJUVENATE Shower Head Filter Features;

  • Easy Installation – No Tools Required – Fits Most Standard Connections
  • Includes Long Life PH004 Filters that last up to 4 months
  • PH004 Multi-stage filtration system
  1. VITAMIN C, removes the chlorine & chloramine you would otherwise absorb when showering.
  2. ZEOLITE, is a natural crystal that effectively removes fluoride, & a host of heavy metals, while allowing beneficial minerals to remain.
  3. MAIFAN, removes contaminants and impurities.
  4. NEGATIVE ION BALLS, produce a weak current to ionize water, creating the feeling of soft high pressure water.
  5. TOURMALINE, increases pH levels (alkalinity).


" pH perfection for sensitive skin!!."

- Mary, verified purchase

To learn more about the benefits and science behind alkaline water please visit our resources and blog.


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Filter Replacement Guide

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The PH004 filter within pH REJUVENATE lasts up to 4 months, based on average household consumption and will depend on things like how long the shower, the temp. etc.

As for all of these filters, these are general terms.  If you have a hard water softener, very high chlorine levels, hard water, etc, the life of filter might not be as long as stated.

Included with pH REJUVENATE are 4 X Vitamin C Blocks, as the Vitamin C Block needs changing monthly, to continue to effectively remove chlorine and chloramine.

Also included with pH REJUVENATE is our Mineral Ball Blend, which only needs changing every 4 months.

When you are ready to change your filters you can purchase our PH004 Refill Kit, which includes 4 X Vitamin C Blocks & 1 X Mineral Ball Blend. This kit will also last about 4 months.

Product Specifications:

Height:  8.5"/21.59 cm
Length:  3.25"/8.26 cm
Width:  2.6"/6.60 cm
Weight:  8 oz/.23 kg

MATERIAL:  Aluminum and ABS plastic

UPC:  850006539086 (Small)

UPC:  850006539314 (Large)


- Increases pH, while ionizing and softening hard water, creating the feeling of soft, high pressure water that moisturizes the skin, scalp & hair.

- Helps to eliminate flaky skin, & improve hydration & cell regeneration.

- The pleasant smell invigorates the senses, which may improve mood and sleep quality, while removing unpleasant bathroom odours.

- Removes chlorine and chloramine, fluoride, lead, aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, tin, chromium and other heavy metals.

- Remineralizes the water adding iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, selenium, lithium, iodine and other mineral and trace elements.



 Question:  Are the materials BPA, BPS, BPF and Phthalate free?

Answer:  Yes, all of our items are free of all these things!


Question:  Can we drink the water from the REJUVENATE shower filter?

Answer:  The pH REJUVENATE is a shower filter so it is designed with the expectation that some water will get in your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears and there is no worry there!  However, we do not recommend using the pH REJUVENATE for drinking water, as we have units just for that purpose.


Question:  Will the Rejuvenate work if I remove the Vitamin C block?

Answer:  Yes, you may remove the Vitamin C block from the upper shower head and the pH Rejuvenate will still purify, alkalize and remineralize the water.  However, it will not be as effective as when you have it in with the removal of chlorine and chloramine in the water.

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