pH Drops (Value 3-Pack), pH PERFECT

Our pH Perfect pH drops are simply the perfect way to quickly and accurately test the pH level and balance of water and saliva. Just add a few drops to your water to understand the pH level.

pH Drops Features;

  • Super-sized value pack includes three 0.33 ounce (10ml) bottles.
  • Includes pH chart.
  • Much more suitable and effective for testing water and saliva than pH test strips.
  • The perfect partner for our Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer

Ensuring your body is alkaline requires you to know what your pH level is. To find out more about the pH scale and other alkaline water facts, check out our blog and resources.

pH Drops Product Specifications:

Height: 2.5"/6.35 cm

Length: .75"/1.91 cm

Width:  .75"/1.91 cm

Weight: .5 oz/.01 kg

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