Alkaline Filter Water Bottle Cartridges (PH003) 3-Pack, for pH REVIVE

Over a year of development went into our pH REVIVE filters to ensure you can experience the many heath benefits of purified alkaline ionized water. We did not hold back with over 8 ingredients scientifically blended into these compact portable filters.

Alkaline Filter Water Bottle Cartridge Features;

  • Provides great value including not one, but three, replacement filter cartridges for use with the Invigorated Water pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Ionizer Bottle.
  • Long-life filter cartridges include 8 latest technology filtration & purification materials.
  • Anti bacterial balls prevent bacterial growth.
  • Chloramine, chlorine, arsenic, copper, lead & other heavy metals are removed by KDF.
  • Diatomite ceramic balls add minerals such as calcium & zinc, while reducing fluoride.
  • High alkaline balls increase water pH levels up to 9.5, making drinking water highly alkaline.
  • Potential balls reduce negative Oxidization Reduction Potential (ORP).
  • Maifan stones re-mineralize water adding zinc, iron & calcium.
  • Negative ion ceramic balls stop micro organisms growing & reproducing, while improving smell & taste.
  • Made from best quality Tritan plastic to avoid plastic seeping into pH REVIVE filtered water.
  • BPA free.
  • Includes 3 alkaline filter water bottle cartridges, suitable for pH REVIVE alkaline water bottle.

To learn more about the benefits and science behind alkaline water please visit our resources and blog.

Alkaline Filter Water Bottle Cartridges Replacement Guide:

We recommend replacing your PH003 filter every 255 Cups/16 Gallons/60 Litres. The average person consumes 68 Ounces (2 Litres) per day, meaning each PH003 filter will last approximately 1 month (30 days).

Product Specifications:

Height:  7.5"/19.05 cm

Length:  1"/2.54 cm

Width: 1"/2.54 cm

Weight:  2 oz/.06 kg

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