UF Water Filter (Ultrafiltration), PH002

Our PH002 UF Water Filter is the newest filter in our range, and utilizes the latest water purification technology.

This little filter filters dissolved molecules as small as 0.01 micron and extremely small particles from your drinking water.

PH002 fits with our PH001 filter, and pH RESTORE, pH REFRESH, and pH RECHARGE models.

PH002 is for those looking to take their water purification and alkalinity to a whole new level!

UF Water Filter Features;

  • Super-long-life, lasting up to 12 months.
  • Made from BPA Free food grade materials.
  • Removes extremely small particles and dissolved molecules such as sand and silt from drinking water.
  • Improves taste and smell of drinking water.
  • Allows trace elements and healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium through the filter.
  • Screws into the base of our PH001 filter, enhancing filtration, purification and pH levels.
  • By combining PH001 & PH002 filtration and purification is enhanced removing bacteria, parasites, viruses and colloids from drinking water.
  • PH002 and PH001 fits with our pH RESTORE and pH REFRESH pitchers, and our pH RECHARGE countertop unit.

To learn more about the benefits and science behind alkaline water please visit our resources and blog.

UF Water Filter, Filter Replacement Guide:

PH002 ultrafiltration membrane has a capacity 264 Gallons/1000 Litres. The average person consumes 68 ounces/2 litres of water per day.

As a general guide;

1 person = Replace every 500 days / 16.5 months
2 persons = Replace every 250 days / 8.3 months
3 persons = Replace every 167 days / 5.5 months
4 persons = Replace every 125 days / 4.15 months

(Please note - If you use 3 x PH002’s with PH RECHARGE, you should replace all three every 792 Gallons/3000 Litres.)

UF Water Filter, Product Specifications:

Height:  1.5"/3.81 cm

Length:  2"/5.08 cm

Width:  2"/5.08 cm

Weight:  1.5 oz/.04 kg

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