Alkaline Water Bottle (with BONUS Carry Case), pH REVIVE - Invigorated Water
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Alkaline Water Bottle (with BONUS Carry Case), pH REVIVE


Most water filter bottles offer limited filtration ability, and a short filter life. And most just don't offer the features the active person needs.

pH REVIVE offers everything the active person needs, included flip top lid with 1 hand operation, wide drinking tip for faster hydration, carry case with belt strap and over shoulder strap - plus a handy pouch to carry your keys, cash, cards and phone.

pH REVIVE is not just a pretty face. It also delivers highly efficient and effective water filtration, so you and your loved one's will enjoy silky smooth high pH water, free from bad tastes and smells, and free from nasties like chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals.

The PH003 filter inside pH REVIVE is good for a huge 16 gallons (74 litres), and replacement filters are amazing value at under $8

pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Bottle Features;

  • Our pH REVIVE makes it easier to stay hydrated, as it creates structured & oxygenated micro-clustered water molecules. With better hydration comes increased mental alertness and energy.
  • Increases pH and antioxidant level
  • Long-life PH003 filter cartridge includes high quality filtration materials. Ceramic ball and stone blend including Tourmaline, Maifan and Far Infrared, to remove heavy metals and add minerals. Zeolite, Activated Alumina, and calcium sulfite remove chemicals like chlorine, chloramine and some fluoride.
  • One hand operation flip-top lid specifically designed for active use, travel, sports, & survival enthusiasts.
  • Made from high quality heat resistant Tritan plastic, to avoid plastic seeping into your bottled drinking water. BPA free.
  • 25 ounce (750ml) capacity.
  • Includes condensation wicking neoprene carry case with adjustable shoulder strap, hand strap & belt loop, as well as a pouch large enough to carry your smartphone, keys, credit cards, money and headphones.

To learn more about the benefits and science behind alkaline water please visit our resources and blog.

" This is my go to for Alkaline Water on the go!!."

- VRAU, verified purchase

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Filter Replacement Guide

We recommend replacing your PH003 filter every 255 Cups/16 Gallons/60 Litres. The average person consumes 68 Ounces (2 Litres) per day, meaning each PH003 filter will last approximately 1 month (30 days).

Product Specifications

Height:  10"/25.4 cm

Length:  3.5"/8.89 cm

Width:  3"/7.62 cm

Weight:  6 oz/.17 kg

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews Write a review

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