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Let us help you live a happy, healthy & Invigorated Life.

Water is essential to life, but much of our water is acidic, dirty, polluted, & dead.

By removing the bad stuff, & adding the good stuff, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle, you can live a truly Invigorated Life.

Our water filters can help:

Alkalize - Increase water pH levels to help balance your body’s pH

Ionize - Deliver water high in antioxidants & negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP)

Structure - Organize water molecules into structured groups for better absorption & hydration

Mineralize - Add trace elements & minerals, including magnesium, calcium, zinc & selenium

Purify - Removes heavy metals like lead & aluminium, chemicals like fluoride & chlorine, and impurities like dust & rust

Invigorate - Soften hard water while improving taste and smell


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Countertop Units

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Everyone should have access to clean healthy water, but sadly over 600 million people in developing countries live without clean water every day. We are a very proud supporter of charity: water by donating a portion of your purchase, and our profits, to this awesome charity, so they can build sustainable water supplies for people who need it most.
Learn More about the cause or donate directly:

Meet our Ambassador

Tiffeny Parker. 2020 USA track and field hopeful and 2022 USA Bobsled Olympic Games hopeful.

"The Water tastes silky and smooth and actually makes me want to drink more water than I have in the past... Try it - you too will love it!"

- Jamie Long

"They have exceeded my expectations for as quickly efficient they are at processing the water into the main reservoir"

- Ben Edwards


"It tasted delicious and knowing that I am doing something great for my body makes me feel amazing!"

-Shelly Robertson

"Oh, wow, thank you. I have to tell you this is the absolute best customer service I have ever had in 66 years of living. Kudos! Have a blessed day!"

- Donna Jaworskuj

"Great tasting alkaline water from our well in CT! This will seriously cut down on expensive bottled water I've been using thus far. Thank you"

- Dan Sklar

"The pitcher is wonderful. The water tastes silky smooth. I use this water in my coffee maker for my AM cup and it has improved the taste immensely; so smooth!!! Amazing!!"

- Patricia Digan