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Cleaning Your Home with Alkaline Water?

Cleaning Your Home with Alkaline Water

Did you know that cleaning your home with alkaline water is more effective than cleaning it with regular tap water? That's because alkaline water cuts through dirt, oil and grease, making it the perfect way to clean countertops, carpets, floors, furniture and other surfaces around the house.

The benefits of alkaline water for cleaning your home are almost too extensive to be calculated. It offers advantages for its use in a variety of situations and is often  a far superior substitute for regular water.

As time has passed and the Earth’s environment has worsened, by the same token, water contamination has gotten worse. This is due to both natural and human factors, leaving people at a loss for clean, healthy water, with many places in the world locked in extreme struggles to obtain potable water—a necessity for a sustainable life. 

Water contamination has been a hot-button issue in recent years, and rightly so, as water remains a major building block of life, one without which life is impossible.

Not only is this precious resource used for hydration and sustaining life, it is an integral and functional part of everyday life, used for a myriad of activities, including cleaning, power generation, agriculture, industry and commerce, and more. 

Due to the unreliable nature and quality of regular tap water, which could previously be consumed directly, many consumers are looking to water filters and ionisation.

That includes incorporating alkaline water into their lifestyles.  

Cleaning Your Home with Alkaline Water

Cleaning Your Home with Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a boon to immunity and health, but it has benefits extending far beyond that!

It is extremely practical for a variety of household uses, some of which are given below. 

Surface Cleaning with Alkaline Water

Sometimes it can feel like it’s almost too difficult to clean surfaces and keep them clean.

It’s another story when cleaning with alkaline water.

Alkaline water cuts through:

  • *dirt
  • *oil and
  • *grease

That makes it a perfect way to clean countertops, carpets, floors, furniture, and other surfaces around the house.


Invigorated Water Pitcher pH Restore


Its alkaline properties emulsify oil and grease, making them more easily soluble in water, hence making them easy to dissolve and remove. 

Alkaline water also offers protection to your household surfaces and ensures that build-up of impurities is slower and more minimal than regular cleaners. 

When mixed with a few drops of essential oil, alkaline water can also serve as a fabric freshener and can be used for odour elimination around the house.

Just pour it into a spray bottle and spritz a little onto your couch or carpet. Watch as the solution quickly removes any embedded scents from the fabric, leaving your house smelling fresh and clean. 

Hand Washing Delicate Laundry with Alkaline Water

Alkaline water can also be used to hand wash your delicate laundry such as silk blouses and bras.

Since the water’s higher pH and alkalinity break down oil and grease, it does a great job removing stains that regular water just can’t tackle, including stains like blood and chocolate, which can otherwise be very hard to remove from clothing. 

Since it’s free from a lot of impurities and pollutants found in regular tap water, it’s actually beneficial for your skin and prevents drying and cracking.

Because of its stain removing properties, you only need a little detergent and less water to achieve cleaner clothes. That means your skin is also exposed to less harmful chemicals from washing powder or liquid. 

The alkalinity of the water also preserves clothes better, making them last longer.

To sum up, alkaline water is easy on the environment, on your skin and clothes, and on your budget. 

Vehicle Maintenance with Alkaline Water

Cleaning your vehicle with alkaline water is gentle on your paint but tough on dirt, rust, clay, asphalt, and salt stains on your car’s surface.


Alkaline water filters reduce water hardness and salts


Even a simple soap and water solution will be more effective if alkaline water is used as the solvent, since it will also easily dissolve away contaminants that harm your car. 

It cleans and removes oxidation and slows down weathering, making sure that your car needs maintenance less often, runs smoothly, and stays clean. 

Plant Care with Alkaline Water

Several types of plants in your home originate from natural habitats where the soil is alkaline.

However, the soil we use in flowerpots and gardens is often far from what plants need. Some of the plants in your home may thrive much more in alkaline soil:

  • *Succulents
  • *Cut flowers
  • *Spider plant
  • *Dracaena
  • *Lavender
  • *Goldenrod
  • *Foxglove
  • *Daylilies
  • *Salvias

Using alkaline water to water these plants will leave them looking green, lush, and glossy.

Your in-home garden will flourish, making your living space verdant and beautiful. 

First Aid & Disinfectant Usage of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is super useful as a first aid tool and has even been proven to deactivate viruses as lethal as SARS!

While tap water is often used to rinse off cuts and scrapes, it does not do an adequate job of cleaning. It simply washes off dirt and blood, but it does not kill germs. 

Alkaline water can be used to clean cuts and scratches and to make sure they are disinfected. It’s also good to draw out toxins from skin rashes caused by plants like poison ivy, or to soothe bee stings, which are acidic in nature. 

This makes alkaline water a good safeguard to have on hand in the house for minor emergency situations. 

Alkaline Water in the Kitchen 

Using alkaline water in meals, snacks, and drinks enhances their taste and ensures greater hydration. However, its uses in the kitchen are not limited to cooking or consumption. 

Over time, farming practices have made use of chemicals and other substances to preserve produce for greater shelf-life and easier transportation. However, these preservatives are harmful and often carcinogenic. 


Invigorated Water alkaline water filter pH Restore


Alkaline water is a great way to remove these harmful additives from food. Soaking fruits & vegetables in alkaline water washes dirt, pesticides, and other chemicals off the food, making them safer to eat and use. 

Cleaning chicken and other meats with alkaline water also helps to kill foodborne pathogens and ultimately guards you and your family from a range of diseases spread through food. 

Bathroom Cleaning with Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is also great for cleaning bathroom surfaces, like tiles and bathtubs. It’s exceptional for cleaning stubborn toilet bowl stains and other stains around your restroom. 

Shower filters used to purify and ionise tap water can also help reduce soap scum and calcium build-up in the shower, as well as increasing water clarity and preventing the growth of fungi, algae, and bacteria.  

Alkaline water filter for shower head


This makes your bathroom cleaner and more hygienic overall and leaves it less prone to germs and unsanitary conditions you may not even be able to see. 

Additionally, alkaline water filters improve the quality of hair and skin and increase longevity by removing toxins from the water, which prevents inhalation and dermal absorption of these substances, ensuring your health and safety. 

What Impurities Are Eliminated with Alkaline Water? 

Alkaline water filters eliminate a range of pollutants from tap water, including fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals.

They also add minerals to the water, both for the purposes of increasing alkalinity and to provide the body with the nutrients it needs for better functioning. 


Invigorated Water alkaline water filter benefits


Features of Invigorated Water Filters 

Invigorated water filters have some great features and perform several impressive functions and their faucet tap filters are easy to attach and non-cumbersome.

Some of the benefits of using these filters are listed here: 

  • *Invigorated Water Filters increase water pH 
  • *They have a sleek design 
  • *They improve taste and smell of water 
  • *Alkaline water improves the immune system and overall well-being 
  • *Water absorption and hydration is greater when consuming alkaline water 
  • *Enhanced energy levels and mental clarity are a by-product of alkaline water consumption 
  • *Alkaline water slows down ageing and manages weight 

Alkaline solutions also absorb significantly more oxygen than acidic solutions, making them unfavorable to microorganism growth.

Viruses are unable to survive in alkaline environments. This makes alkaline water ideal and healthy for consumption and cleaning. 

Cleaning Your Home with Alkaline Water: Bottom Line

The long and short of it is that alkaline water is beneficial for use in a multitude of ways and cleaning with alkaline water is particularly effective.  

As we have illustrated abundantly throughout this post, alkaline water is well worth your while, by offering benefits in a variety of areas:

  • *Cleans kitchen and household surfaces, including floors and carpets
  • *Cleans various bathroom surfaces
  • *Prevents the accumulation of various fungi and bacteria
  • *Serves as a fabric freshener

Alkaline water is also great for laundry, even going so far as to benefit your budget and your skin. It can be used for vehicle cleaning and maintenance, as well as for improving the health and growth of your plants. 

Its disinfecting properties make it a great resource for first aid and minor injuries around the house, and its preventive attributes ensure the elimination of a large variety of microbes, bacteria, and viruses.  

The uses of alkaline water in the kitchen are wide and varied, including using it for cooking and consumption.

Invigorated Water Vitality alkaline water filter pitcher

However, beyond that, it is also extremely useful for cleaning harmful bacteria and chemicals off meat and produce. 

Overall, if you compare alkaline water to tap water, its uses and benefits far surpass those of the tap water we are accustomed to using in our houses.

As water contamination continues to worsen, it will become almost inevitable that users look to methods of filtration and decontamination to ensure their water sources are safe.

Alkaline water offers that security in abundance! 

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