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Our super long-life filters deliver huge value
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High alkaline, increase water alkalinity up to pH 10
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Remove chemicals, toxins, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals
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Add healthy minerals to your body

Get Better, Tastier, Healthier Water with a Countertop Water Filter Dispenser

Whether your water comes from a well or from your municipality, there is always a chance that the water is going to pick up impurities along the way. This is especially true if the pipes in your area or home are outdated. Those impurities can be dangerous for you and your family to consume, which is why you’re going to need some help.

A simple faucet water filter isn’t going to do the trick for larger families or businesses that consume a lot of water throughout the day. You need something with a larger capacity, such as a countertop water filter from Invigorated Water.

Easy to install and use, Invigorated Water countertop water filters require minimal maintenance while providing you with the most delicious water possible.

Large Capacity, Bigger Benefits

To answer the call for water that tastes better than tap and the stuff in a bottle, Invigorated Water invented the pH RECHARGE Countertop Alkaline Water Filter (1- or 3-filter models available).

You will never have to worry about foul-smelling water again. The pH RECHARGE uses a unique multi-stage filtration system that gets rid of present heavy metals, sediment, dust, chlorine, fluoride, lime, and any other pollutants affecting your water. The filter doesn’t just remove contaminants, however; it replaces the bad with beneficial minerals and higher pH and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP).

In other words, you get cleaner, fresher water that is also infused with minerals for better health.

Save Money With Saving The Planet

Is your family working towards a more sustainable lifestyle? Now you can ditch the bottled water and get a countertop water filter instead. Both small and large families will love the pH RECHARGE countertop water filter system. The 1-Filter system has a capacity equal to 720 single-use plastic water bottles, while the 3-filter equals 2,160 single-use bottles.

Talk about making a positive impact!

Not only that, but you save time and money. Invigorated Water countertop water filter dispensers and replacement filters are reasonably priced. You can enjoy fresher, healthier water for years—and save money for a vacation while you’re at it.

Ready to Try the Best Countertop Water Filter?

Check out our full lineup of water filter products, including our pH RECHARGE kitchen countertop water filters. There’s something for everyone.