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Is Alkaline Water Good For Hair?

Is Alkaline Water Good For Hair?

You may be aware of the plethora of benefits that drinking alkaline water has, but what about the benefits of alkaline water for your hair and scalp? If you have ever felt like your hair falls out more during certain time periods of the year, you have to change your shampoos regularly because they might cause more damage to your hair than you expect and if you struggle consistently with water flow, keep reading!

Are you using alkaline water to wash your hair yet? If you're not, you may want to reconsider because there is no better alternative than alkaline water for hair wash.

As a matter of fact, in a world that is slowly becoming more toxic, it's more and more important to focus on healthcare and ways to bring these practices into our very day to day activities.

That includes showering and washing our hair, which is why in this blog post, we'll elaborate on:

  • *Benefits of alkaline water for hair
  • *The science behind alkaline water
  • *Harmful chemicals in regular water
  • *How can we use alkaline water filters in the shower?
  • *How do alkaline water filters work?

 Is Alkaline Water Good for Hair? 

Is Alkaline Water Good For Hair?

According to research, even something as small as a ten-minute shower can overall increase the risk of various types of cancers, skin disorders and more.

Improving even such a small sector of our lives can have an effect across the way we view the world and how we approach our routines. Simply acknowledging the need for change in this manner is the first step in the process of how to improve hair health 

Benefits of Alkaline Water for Hair

With so many innovations and ideas coming in regarding what is good for health, a major game changing question is the benefit of alkaline water for hair. 

As scientists and healthcare facilitators dive into this form of sustainable living, new studies have emerged which support the idea of adopting alkaline water into our daily habits, including alkaline water for hair wash.

What is the Science Behind Alkaline Water? 

Alkaline water differs from regular tap water in that it has a higher pH level. While this may seem merely like just another gimmick, the overarching idea behind this is to create change that correlates with slowing bone loss, reducing the chances of acid reflux along with raises in energy and metabolism.

With antioxidants present, alkaline water for hair washing provides a great effect, owning among other things to the removal of all the chemicals that exist around us, above us, and within our consumption – across every aspect of life.

Therefore, the alkaline water benefits not only aid in the anti-aging process but also help remove the harmful environmental degradation that comes in all forms.  

In doing so, an alkaline water shower filter can help with the hydration of skin and hair - such as our Invigorated Water pH Rejuvenate Filtered Shower Head:

Alkaline water shower filters can help improve hair health

More often than not, factors such as humidity and weather changes end up causing issues such as:

  • *dandruff
  • *scalp itchiness
  • *hair damage and more.

For those who struggle with hair growth issues as well as those who often use heat, chemicals and dyes – alkaline water can help both with maintenance and with enhancing positive results.

This may sound unbelievable but the key pointer to note is that repairing hair is a gradual change that can take several years to manifest.

However, starting as early as possible can most certainly produce a greater change for both you and your family.  

Harmful Chemicals in Regular Water 

It is not easy trying to find the correct shower filter for hard water. More often than not, there is such little focus thrown on what is washing your hair rather than what products you put into it.

This causes an overall deficit where you target the wrong problem. Often, over washing and under washing your hair has magnified and amplified consequences simply because people do not realise how harmful water can be as well as the necessity that it is.  

According to research, the hair loss one experiences relates to three key components that exist in harmony at the best times. This includes anagen, catagen and telogen whose imbalance in any scenario can create devastating and poor health in hair.  

It is substances such as shower chemicals that cause this imbalance to begin with. According to Adam Livermore who is an educator from Oribe, chemicals such as chlorine “can slowly eat away at the protective cuticles, which makes the hair tangled and exposes the delicate cortex layer.”

Furthermore, there is a struggle to recognise what can actually combat these issues. In these instances, Vitamin C is something that proves to be vital. “From a chemistry standpoint, vitamin C does react with chlorine and consumes it. The concept has even been proven by the U.S. Department of Agriculture” according to KDF.

It is with these elements in mind that shower filters hope to draw on the negatives and bring about change on a larger scale.  

How Can We Use Alkaline Water Filters In The Shower?   

With a simple shower filter for hair that is fitted to your existing shower setup, alkaline water can be made easily accessible via your home water system.

This shower head can combat all the issues that are associated with other contaminants such as chlorine and chemicals finding their way into your pipes and plumbing.  


Invigorated Water Alkaline Water Filtered Shower head for healthier hair


The million-dollar question when it comes to investing in such products is why should we even bother? Why make so much of an effort when we’ve been doing okay with tap water all these years?

While it may seem like there's noting wrong with tap water in the first place, there's a lot of damage that's unnoticeable in the short term but becomes highly profound in the long term, or when it is just about too late to do anything to rectify the situation.  

How Do Alkaline Shower Water Filters Work? 

How exactly a shower filter operates is that it allows the water to go through a filtration process whereby a large number of chemicals are reduced.

As mentioned before, here at Invigorated Water, we offer a Vitamin C product that:

  • *gets rid of these harmful chemicals
  • *reduces overall water consumption while offering a high pressure shower experience
  • *leaves your skin, scalp and hair soft, silky and smooth




Not only this but the Shower Filter Refill Kit provides an option for long term usage which can be tested first before subscribing to a long-term solution (10% savings).


Is Alkaline Water Good for Hair? Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is a clear need for proactive change when it comes to how we choose to live in the ever-evolving environment.  

With constant contamination of water and the rising utilisation of chemicals across all spaces, simply changing your shower products cannot be enough.

When it comes to your hair, alkaline water ensures that your hair remains:  

  • *strong due to the ideal Ph and lack of damage caused as a result. 
  • *healthy as alkaline water is known to be superior at delivering nutrients.  
  • *full because alkaline water is a lot more efficient when it comes to hydration. 
  • *less brittle as well looked after hair doesn’t break easily.  

Sure, you might feel like regular tap water isn’t that bad, but we can say for certain that in the long term, regular tap water might be exactly what is responsible for hair damage and sometimes even hair loss.  

Investing in a kit that gives you ready access to alkaline water at home might be just what you need. Our two cents; if you’ve got access to alkaline water filters or kits, waste no time and have one installed!  

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