About Invigorated Water

About Invigorated Water

Our Vision

To heal the world through clean water supplies that are available to allthereby optimizing and invigorating peoples health and lives. 

Our Mission

Tempower people globally by delivering outstanding water products. Through conscious dedicated actions and education on how to live life clean and simply, we will help people create invigorated lives.

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Our Values

  1. Serve Others - Focus on serving people and all else will follow
  2. World Progress - We are driven and committed to do what is right, to help achieve progress and healing in the world
  3. Life’s short - have fun, don’t take ourselves too seriously
  4. Make a difference in someone's day - Impact peoples lives in a positive way, make someone smile for no reason other than to get that warm fuzzy feeling
  5. Contribution - give back and add value to the world
  6. Consciousness - be mindful and aware of all that we do
  7. Health - above all else keep your mind and body clean to achieve the life of your dreams
  8. Make money - by doing good. Volunteer where we can
  9. You can be free - and still run a global company
  10. Lifestyle or money - you can have both
  11. Dare to dream - think big, take massive action, if you can dream it, you can do it
  12. Live life on your own terms - Dare to question the Status Quo, do whats works for you