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Dan and Monika Carlin here, proud founders of Invigorated Water.

We’ve always been conscious of our health & wellbeing, and the health and wellbeing of others, and our environment. These core values have guided, and inspired, the businesses we have created and built.

We believe clean water is the foundation and core to health, and life itself. But not all water is created equal.

We started Invigorated Water way back in 2014, when searching for an alkaline water filter for our home.

We wanted a water filter that delivered high alkaline water, looked great, and was affordable, but struggled to find a filter that ticked all the boxes. So why not create our own!

After a year of deep research, testing and development, we launched our pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher, and PH001 filter, late 2014, and it quickly became very popular, selling thousands every month all over the world.

During these early years, we studied water trends and needs globally, as well as learning from our customers. We discovered that while high pH (alkaline) water was key to balance the body's pH level, and prevent illness and injury, there was much more we could do to deliver excellent water filters, to optimise people’s health.

We developed our filters so they could also remove toxins, like Chlorine and Fluoride, added by governments to our water supplies. We also worked hard to ensure our filters could remove other nasties like heavy metals and chemicals, which regularly end up in our rivers, streams, and dams.

Another big focus for us is delivering huge value. Not only do our filters do the things listed above and more, they have a massive filter life, so very affordable. Our smallest pH ON-THE-GO travel filter lasts up to two months, our pH REGENERATE Faucet Filter up to 12 months, and our pH RECHARGE 3F Countertop Unit up to 18 months.

Every one of our filters saves thousands of single use plastic water bottles, which in turns helps limit our (and your) impact on our environment.

Last but definitely not least, why should water filters be ugly? We pride ourselves on creating stylish, beautiful products that look great in your home or office. In the past couple of years we’ve moved away from using plastic, and instead we’re using glass, stainless steel, wood, and bamboo.

While we wish our filters were accessible and affordable for absolutely everyone, the reality is they aren’t. In many developing countries, millions of people don’t have access to clean water, and certainly don’t have the money to purchase our products.

We want to help as many people as we can, so we’re a proud supporter of Charity;Water, donating some of our profits every month, so they can continue their amazing work in helping those in need to access clean water.

We’re excited about what the future holds for Invigorated Water, and on behalf of our entire awesome friendly team, welcome to the Invigorated family.

Dan & Monika Carlin