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Become An INVIGORATED Affiliate - An Easy Way TO Make Extra Cash

Over the years we have so many amazing people continually referring new customers to us. We’re truly grateful that people love our products, and want to spread the word about Invigorated Water, that we want to reward them.

We’re excited to announce our Affiliate Program, where you can become an INVIGORATED Affiliate, and make a sweet commission on every sale you refer to us.

To make this really easy, we’ve partnered with the nice folks at Affiliality, who have a really clever App that runs on our website, that makes it easy for you and us to see how many sales you’ve referred, and dollars you’ve made.

Here's how it works

1. Become our affiliate by clicking on the box below, then fill out the simple form.

2. We’ll provide you with your very own custom link, so you can share this with anyone you like, and wherever you like (eg, email, social media….).

3. When someone clicks on your link they will be directed to our website, then get 5% off any purchase they make, when they enter your custom coupon code. When they make a purchase you will earn a healthy commission.

4. At all times you’ll have access to your Affiliate Dashboard, so you can keep track of how many people you referred, purchases they made, and (the best part) the commissions you’ve made.

5. At the start of every month we’ll pay you your commissions from the previous month via Pay Pal.

Please note, to limit our admin burden of having to deal with thousands of tiny payments, you need to earn $100 in commissions before we pay you. If you don’t earn $100 in commissions during any month, no problem, your commissions are rolled over to the following month until you reach the $100 minimum, and then we’ll pay you :)

So What’s My Commission?

Many affiliate programs offer a lousy 5% commission on sales you refer. Most also only offer a commission on the initial sale generated within a 30 day period - so if someone uses your link to purchase a few months later, you don’t get a commission. Like I said, LOUSY!!

We want to motivate you to send us as many people as possible, so we’ve created a Kick-Ass commission structure for you;

-For every sale you generate you will earn a MASSIVE 15% commission!

-If someone you refer clicks on your link, but does not make a purchase immediately, our system will keep track of the person you referred for 6 months, so you will still earn a commission even if they purchase at a later date.

-You will also receive a 15% commission on any future purchases your referrals make in the following 12 months after their first purchase. This is a very cool feature indeed, as our products require replacement filters, and most products require filter changes every 1-3 months. This means after the initial purchase, you may earn commissions on an additional 4-12 purchases over the 12 month period.


-If someone you refer purchases our pH RESTORE pitcher for $53.97, plus a PH001 3-Pack of replacement filters for $47.97, their total order will be $101.94. You will generate a 15% commission of $15.30.

-At a later date, if this same person purchases our pH HYDRATE glass bottle for $37.97, you’ll earn a 15% commission of $5.70

-Then, over the next 12 months this same person purchases two PH001 filter 3pks for $95.94, a PH002 filter 3pk for $58.97, and four pH ON-THE-GO 3pk filters for their HYDRATE bottle for $91.88, this would total $246.79. Meaning...YOU MAKE A 15% COMMISSION OF $37.01!

-This person would spend on our site a total over 12 months of $386.70.


-Now, let’s say you refer 1 person to us per week over the 1st year, and all order the same as above, your commission will be $58 X 52 people = $3016. Not bad!

-BUT, let’s say you know a lot of people, or perhaps have a large email list, and you refer 10 people per week, who all purchase the same as above. Your commission will be $58 X 520 people = $30,160 HUGE!!!!

The above example is a very average order on our site. Many people purchase multiple products, once they see our full range. These order can be worth 3-6 times more than the example, so you’re commission can be much larger.

The best part is there is no limit on the number of people you can refer, or the value of purchases they make! So it’s up to you how much money you want to make.

If this sounds like a great deal,
then we’d love to have you as an INVIGORATED Affiliate.

All you need to do now is click on the box below.