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When it comes to alkaline water filter options, there are several different types available on the market today. Which one you ultimately select will depend upon factors like your budget, personal preference and individual health goals. How do these come into play? For example, certain filters alkalize the water but do not change the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), which some proponents believe is even more important. Yet, you may not feel that you need more antioxidant protection or don't want to spend money on a more complex system.

With this distinction in mind, overall your alkaline water filter choices break down into two basic types. The first are filters that introduce carefully chosen minerals back into your drinking water, in order to boost their pH reading. Most often calcium and/or magnesium are used for this purpose, and some point out that these minerals also provide other health benefits - like keeping your bones strong. Within this broader category, the actual process used to filter the water before the alkalizing minerals are introduced varies, from simply passing the water through a multistage filter with carbon to remove impurities to options like reverse osmosis systems.

The second general type of alkaline water filter takes a very different approach, using electrolysis to separate water into negatively and positively charged streams. Interestingly, this is able to significantly boost the pH of your drinking water without adding any minerals to it, and it can also elevate the Oxidation Reduction Potential to astonishing heights. Advocates of this method say that this antioxidant effect is what makes this type of alkaline water filter the superior choice, though some are put off by the higher price of these units. Also, it’s important to point out that it’s possible to raise the ORP of your water, by using the alkalizing mineral addition method as well.

To truly make the most informed choice, looking at not only the way the alkaline water is produced but the types of systems available is also important.

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