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Having covered the two basic methods for alkalizing your drinking water, either by adding in minerals after the filtration is complete or through electrolysis, now let’s take a look at the various models available to you. An alkaline water system can be as simple as a water bottle with a filter contained in the lid, to as sophisticated as a unit that's installed under the counter and tied into your home’s existing plumbing.

Water Bottle Systems

For quick and easy alkaline water on the go, a water bottle system can’t be surpassed. You simply fill up your water bottle with regular tap water, and most often there is a fold-up straw through which you drink. When you suck on this straw it draws the tap water up through the filter stages, purifying your water and also adding in the alkalizing minerals. The main benefits of this type of alkaline water system are convenience, portability and the economic price tag. The drawbacks include a less sophisticated filtration system, the small amount of water that can be filtered at one time and the difficulty some find in sucking the drinking water through the straw.

Water Pitcher Systems

If you want alkaline water in a specific location such as your home or office, an alkalizing water pitcher can be an excellent choice. This alkaline water system works just like other pitcher filtration units, where you fill the top with water and allow it to slowly drip through the stages of the filter housed in the middle. Once completed, the water will rest in the bottom of the pitcher and be both filtered and alkalized with added minerals.

The benefits of these units are the reasonable price and the ability to filter much more water than a small bottle. The drawbacks are the time it takes for the water to be filtered, and the limited amount you can filter at one time (when compared to units that are tied right into your sink’s plumbing).

Countertop Systems

Next on the list of alkaline water system choices, countertop units are a popular option and they sit conveniently next to your sink. These typically have an attachment that you screw onto your faucet, with a lever or pull on the front side. When you want to run regular tap water through your sink to do dishes, for cooking water or other uses then you do nothing at all.

When you want to engage the water filter, simply pull on the tab on the faucet attachment, and it will reroute the water through the hose and into the countertop unit. It will pass through the multistage filter inside and then clean and alkalized water will flow out of the nozzle that's built into the countertop system.

The benefits of this type of alkaline water system include the ability to filter as much water as you require on demand, without any waiting. Also, these units typically have a more substantial water filter included, so they may be able to remove more impurities from your water or even specific substances like fluoride. The drawbacks are their higher price, and the fact that they do look a bit cumbersome with the hose running from your faucet to the unit.

Under-Counter Systems

Designed to fit in seamlessly with the décor of your home, these units are placed under the counter beneath the sink. This is done so that they can be tied into your existing plumbing, without hoses running to and fro where they can be seen. Again, due to their complexity and expense they typically have superior water filtration capabilities, being able to remove the greatest percentage of impurities from your tap water.

Another benefit is the streamline look that they provide, as you'll simply have a small secondary nozzle installed next to your sink, which looks built-in and is far sleeker than countertop units. The drawbacks of this alkaline water system are the higher expense, the more complex installation that involves your under-sink plumbing and the need to cut a hole in your counter to house the included secondary faucet.

If you're interested in either of these two options, then you don't want to miss our discussion of alkaline water machines on the next page.


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