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Like us, active and successful people, like athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs, understand the importance of Clean Purified Alkaline Water, to ensure they perform at their peak consistently, and live an INVIGORATED life.

We're proud to support our brand ambassadors, and are grateful they have chosen to represent TEAM INVIGORATED!

Tiffeny Parker

2020 USA track and field hopeful and 2022 USA Bobsled Olympic Games hopeful.

Tiffeny is an Olympic level professional athlete from Moreno Valley, California, with a passion for health and Crossfit. She is a coach who specialized in sprint and speed technique - contributing to the success of many CrossFit champions through her workshop and development programs.


"Making someone see the best in themselves and what they want to accomplish. I love being able to show people that you do not have to start out being best to become the best."