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A structured water device makes it possible to create this unique type of water, right in the comfort of your own home. This is exciting, as many proponents of structured water talk about how it is typically found out in nature. For example, water flowing down a mountain stream should be naturally occurring structured water by the end of its journey. This may explain why drinking fresh mountain or spring water tastes so good to our palette and some claim it makes them feel healthier too. Yet, you may be wondering if there is a convenient way to get the benefits of structured water - without having to buy bottled mountain water or trek out into the woods?

This is where a structured water device comes into play, as it has the ability to reorganize plain tap water into a form that is potentially far healthier for your body. Using specially designed vortexes, the water is twirled or spun very quickly. What effect does this have? 

Holding Water

When a structured water device creates a vortex that’s correctly designed and powerful enough, some of the molecules within the water may break down into their basic building blocks of oxygen and hydrogen. These are then mixed back together uniformly, in hexagonal sheets that are formed layer upon layer - creating stable, structured water that is ready for you to drink (1).

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