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As an Integrative General Practitioner I pay great attention to acidity in the body, calculated by measuring the anion gap in a commonly ordered electrolyte blood test. It is vital to increase alkalinity in the body for optimising health, reducing inflammation and even maximising mitochondrial function. By drinking chemical free alkaline water my patients are going a long way towards achieving this, and amelioriating the negative effects of acidic food on the body. I certainly recommend this product.


MBBS, ( hons) , FRACGP, ATCL, dip ACNEM

So many of my patients have diseases and ailments caused by the modern day lifestyle. The acidic foods we consume (grains, dairy, alcohol, caffeine) decrease our bodies natural pH levels, weakening our systems, which can then lead to illness. Consuming alkaline foods and fluids will help you to combat these lifestyle diseases.

Dr John Hart

Bd. Cert. WOSAAM, Bd.Cert. ABAARM, BMBS, BA, BAppSc, BPE Hons University Medal, MSptMed