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Alkaline Water Filtration System, pH RECHARGE Glass


When it comes to home filtration systems, many people end up unsatisfied with small capacity water filter pitchers. Or large, very expensive, filtration systems that require technical installation.

Like many water filter companies, we too were guilty of offering only plastic water filter dispensers. But after years of our loyal customers asking us for something better, we have launched our pH RECHARGE Glass, with our state of the art glass tank design, accompanied by a bamboo base and lid. 

pH RECHARGE Glass is a large capacity water filter dispenser, which easily supplies enough water for large families or groups (or really thirsty individuals:), and requires no technical installation, or power supply. And even though pH RECHARGE Glass has a large capacity, its design is compact enough to fit on your counter without taking up too much space.

pH RECHARGE Glass utilizes our brilliant and powerful PH001 multi-stage filter, to remove the bad stuff, add the good stuff, and increase the pH level of your water.

Each PH001 filter lasts a massive 96 gallons, which is the equivalent of 720 single use filtered water bottles.

Prices about the same as many water filter pitchers, pH RECHARGE Glass is amazing value.

Product Specifications

Height: 17.72"

Length: 11"

Width: 9.5"

Weight: 8.4 lb

UPC: 850006539253

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Filter Replacement guide

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We recommend replacing your PH001 filter every 1500 Cups/96 Gallons/360 Litres. The average person consumes (68 Ounces) per day (2 Litres). The more people in your household, the more frequent the filter replacement.

As a general guideline:

1 person = Replace every 6 months

2 people = Replace  every 3 months

3 people = Replace  every 2 months

4+ people = Replace each month

If you choose to add our PH002 UF Membrane filter to our PH001 filter, please note each PH002 filter has a capacity 264 Gallons (1000 litres).  

As a general guide (for PH002);

1 person = Replace every 500 days / 16.5 months

2 persons = Replace every 250 days / 8.3 months

3 persons = Replace every 167 days / 5.5 months

4 persons = Replace every 125 days / 4.15 months

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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